There is nothing to figure out…even though the mind wants it all figured out. The answers come to you in perfect divine timing, perfect for you and not a minute before hand. Unfortunately that can be very frustrating to the human, the human wants to push, make happen, get into action…but allowing is the opposite, it’s sitting back and allowing life to move through you…because it’s natural, it’s natural for you to evolve…you don’t have to make yourself evolve. Your evolving in the perfect amount of time, in the perfect speed, not too quickly otherwise you’re having a mental breakdown…you can’t rush a tree nor do you want to. You’re doing it in perfect timing where your own evolution doesn’t kick out the mind and allows you to stay embodied on earth.

Imagine sitting on a bicycle and rather than pedaling to get the bicycle to move, you sit back and relax and the landscape around you changes. We don’t need to struggle, we don’t need to push. We can allow opportunities, people and things to come to us in just the perfect divine timing. That’s allowing…super hard to do when you’re used to pushing things and working hard to make things happen.

Have you noticed that when you look back on your life, all the events happened in a perfect divine order in perfect divine timing, unimaginable to the human mind. The human wants things to be in order, it wants structure, it wants the logical next steps. However life doesn’t show up like that, life when you allow it and not trying to control it, happens in ways far more magical than the mind can imagine.