Capturing Consciousness

Media & Design Agency
in association with Human Being TV

Are you a Well-being coach or Three Principles practitioner and would like support with sharing your message?

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Let me support you in building your own brand including video recording & editing, interviewing, image design, business cards & flyer design, podcast creation and use our Zoom Account to create your own videos, webinars or interviews.

Our Video Editing & Design services are very affordable and we can make the price fit your budget and come up with bundles or packages depending on your needs.

Video Recording & Editing Services

  • Use our Zoom account to record yourself or have us interview you and provide your viewers with an inside scoop into the work you do.
  • Let us turn your video recordings into professionally branded videos for your website that match your brand with a personalised intro and outro to top and tail your videos.
  • Do you need help with the editing of videos from Interviews, Conversations, Webinars, Live Events, Business Pitches for funding and Personal V-Logs?
  • Would you like us to create short video clips from conversations, webinars, interviews or live events to highlight any insights or aha moments?


Interview Services

  • Would you like us to interview & record you via Zoom, edit the conversation afterwards and publish the video via your own You Tube channel?


Podcasting Services

  • Let us turn your videos from your Live Webinars, Live Events or V-Logs into podcasts for your audience to listen to online and offline. Make them easily available via your Website and popular platforms like I-Tunes and Stitcher, suitable for Android and IOS phones.


Design Services

  • Need a banner or logo for your website or your Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In and YouTube?
  • Do you require specially designed images for your Website, Blog, Facebook Post, Newsletters, Book Covers or YouTube Thumbnails?
  • Need help with designing your own business cards?

Why choose us over a design or video editing agency?

We have the design & video editing skills and understanding in the Three Principles, so have a better feel of how and what people may want to have highlighted in their videos and images in terms of grounding in the Three Principles and the message they want to share.

daniela-servicesThus saving time explaining and avoiding long e-mail ping pong and phone conversations. You know the feeling when someone just gets you!

We have experience from setting up Human Being TV which we can utilize and share our skills to support other practitioners in getting their voice out.

Get in touch with Daniela for an initial brief to start the process.

Get a feel for our work…

Browse through our Human Being TV You Tube Channel to get an idea of the kind of videos we’ve been recording & editing for Human Being TV and browse through our website to get a feel for our design services.[/text_block]

Pay here for Media & Design Support – £50 per hour