About the Facilitators

About the Facilitators


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Daniela was born in Vienna, Austria in 1982. She studied Tourism Marketing & Management in Vienna, Austria and then soon moved to London, England to pursue her career in the Hotel Industry. She had various jobs as Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Revenue Manager, Reception Manager within the Hotel Industry before she moved away from the Hotel Industry and worked as Sales Manager with an Online Gift Voucher Company.

Daniela was fascinated by topics such as Divorce, Mental Illness, Dating, Conscious Relationships and Spirituality as part of her own experiences on her journey to enlightenment. She certified as NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Reiki Practitioner….only to let all those practices go when she met the Crimson Circle as she touched on a deeper truth, that was more aligned with her way of being.

Daniela now enjoys a very relaxed and balanced lifestyle working on various projects. Daniela and Lloyd live in London together.

Lloyd and Daniela met each other in 2012 at various different spiritual events. One event was a Drum Circle where both had to howl like wolves. After a year of being friends, they became a couple. Lloyd introduced Daniela to the Crimson Circle and it didn’t take long for both of them to start taking their first school which was the Sexual Energy School. It transformed both their lives and their relationship. Soon after taking their first school, they decided to become Sexual Energy Teachers too, to pass the information onto others who struggle with imbalanced relationship patterns and find themselves in victim & abuse cycles. They soon did more courses and more certifications.


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by Daniela Eichberger

Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way,
clouded by aspects, experiencing imbalances,
being aware of conditions and old programming,
surrounded by other people’s creations,
feeling frustrated, not sure where to turn,
what to do next, what’s right and what’s wrong,
forgetting who I am, feeling so lost.

All just to remember who I truly am,
the grand creator, the I am that I am
For I was never truly lost.
Always one step away from choosing a new perspective,
from having clarity, from being conscious.
Remembering who I am, human and divine,
I am that I am
I exist
I know that I know



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]LloydIt is said I am a teacher, this word teacher means many things to different people, however when it comes to the energy and principles of the Crimson Circle material, what it reminds us of, it’s simple. There are no teachers, merely distracters, facilitators and reminders. No one has the answer for you or hidden from you, you have all the answers you will ever need.

I have a passion for the Crimson Circle material because, at its core, it is all about empowerment, liberation and freedom. I do what I do because it empowers me and I invite all, to do what they do, because it also empowers themselves. I would not have it any other way.

Tobias once said “true passion has no agenda” therefore I need not convince you of anything. I need not mention my successes or failures of this lifetime, neither do I need to quote my qualifications or state my years of experience, for these things truly mean nothing. They are mere specs of who I am, they validate and measure nothing. I exist, I am god also and so are you.

So in this light I speak to you now divinity to divinity, if you choose to have an experience with me, if you choose to be distracted so you can remember your grandness, if you know you are already grand and simply want to share it, then so be it, it is my honour to share such things with you.

I trust in my path, my journey, as I trust in yours. So if our paths cross may we both acknowledge what a grand adventure we are having, for we are truly already enlightened, we are just choosing how we want to experience it.

In honour,
Lloyd Roger Spencer[/text_block]

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Lloyd 2 I AM THAT I AM
by Lloyd Spencer

I came, I went. I could see, I was blind.
I was lost, I was found. I was rich, I was poor.
I was the student, I was the teacher.
I had everything, I had nothing.

I looked at others, to others, rather than looking at myself.
I was the darkness, I was the light.
And while I was all this I was visible to some and invisible to others.

Despite all this, still I am…