Sometimes we act in a way where we feel being done wrong by others, we act in a way where we’re less than whole already and where other people seem to be able to “do stuff to us”, somehow they have the power to knock us off balance. Really…but do they? It’s only us who buys into their game and chooses to respond in a particular way. Have you noticed that when you’re feeling okay, whatever another person says to you…is like water of a ducks back…however on days where you’re low, stuff gets to you. That’s normal.

We seek outside validation, we seek approval, we want others to like us, we chase one relationship after another just to feel the good feelings. All this stems from a core feeling of not feeling good enough already. We create imbalanced relationships with other people, seeking what we think we’re lacking in ourselves in others. I like this person because of x, y, z. We put people on a pedestal because we think other people have something that we don’t have.

We don’t need outside circumstances or people to show up a certain way in order for us to feel okay, we’re already okay and from that place of being okay, we can then interact with other people…no longer needing to put other people up on a pedestal or put ourselves down.

Being able to manage your own energy means that at the very core, you know you’re already whole, this wholeness, no-one can take away from you, even though you might get caught up in power games with other people, proving you’re right and they’re wrong or the other way round. You have your own wisdom that’s perfect for you…and is different to other people’s wisdom. Their wisdom is based on their past insights and yours is based on your insights and fresh thoughts which you have available all the time.