Some parts of ourselves, roles that we played in the past, behaviors that we learnt, coping mechanisms we created to help us deal with situations in the past, beliefs and patterns that we learnt over time, conditional responses we developed which are ready to be integrated, in the sense that they no longer need to run the show, because we’re ready to move beyond them…when those aspects come home, they don’t always feel so good.

There’s a lot of noise, confusion going on, doubts and increased noise in your head, uncomfortable feelings…ultimately to test whether you can stay in your balance and whether it’s safe for those aspects to come home. Whether you’re really going to be home now and take charge of things.

For example someone that has a fear of public speaking over time will have created a “protection aspect” (it all happens automatically) that steps in every time there’s an opportunity to speak, protecting the human from having to go through an experience that it’s not ready for. Now at some point that human might no longer need those protection aspects because they’re now ready to speak in public. When that happens, those aspects no longer need to run the show. They then come to the forefront for integration and sometimes they bring a lot of noise, confusion and insecure thoughts with them…trying to engage you in conversations…asking you whether you’re really ready, whether you can really do it

….That’s the moment to be silent and take a deep breath and dive into the experience, you don’t need those aspects, parts of yourself with their noise and chatter in your head to seduce you and engage you in conversations, you can just feel those energies and allow them to pass. Expect some internal tug o war.

Imagine when you’re little, you put all the things you don’t understand in a corner (hand it over to your soul to carry) and then slowly when you’re ready to look at behaviors, outdated viewpoints or coping mechanisms that are no longer serving, when you’re ready to let go of old roles and move beyond them, you then have greater awareness, wisdom and knowledge to deal with life.

You might feel some tug and war when you’re no longer looking at money, relationship, health as the source of your well-being but rather understand that regardless of your external circumstances, you’re already okay and that you have the perfect wisdom to deal with life in a way that’s perfect for you.