Thought & Consciousness

Every human being is creating their own reality of the world from inside of them through thought & consciousness.

Thought is the form in which information comes to you and there’s two different types of thoughts, thoughts that come from your mind (judgments, expectations, preferences, beliefs; the mind is a memory storage system storing everything you learnt in the past and then forms expectations on how things need to show up in the future for it to be okay, feeling disappointed when that doesn’t happen), and thoughts that come from your soul (wisdom, insights, guidance).

Consciousness is awareness that brings your reality to life, without consciousness you wouldn’t be able to perceive your reality. Imagine consciousness like a movie projector, without consciousness there’s nothing to project your reality onto. Imagine sitting in the cinema, the film is ready to go but there’s no projector to see the movie with. It would just be dark.

Every person’s reality is impacted by:

Current Level of Consciousness

How a person perceives a situation in any given moment depending on their own current level of consciousness in the moment, the layer of consciousness they’re operating in. It’s the place the perceiver puts their focus on and projects that reality outward. The lens a person perceives through can be clouded with belief systems, should’s, have to’s, based on what a person has learnt from the past and what makes sense to them in each moment. It can also be impacted by their state of mind in the moment, if they feel low, they’re more likely to just react and snap vs. if you feel well in yourself, you’re more likely to make more informed decisions and make more conscious choices.

Imagine an onion…there’s many layers to an onion, depending on what layer you look at, it will hold different information. The more you get to the core, the more you’re able to see reality as it really happens (ie the “isness” of things minus the made up stories), then you’re more you’re able to engage with reality freely, not being limited by your own self created prisons. (belief systems, should’s etc..)

In the past people believed the world was flat, so the agreed consciousness was to look at the world as flat, consciousness then expanded and now we see the world as round…that makes sense to us now. Consciousness shifts all the time the more we make new discoveries, it expands and contracts, it goes into itself and then expands again, with each expansion it learns more about itself and integrates the wisdom.

Mass Consciousness is an agreement of a group of people to look at the world in an agreed way. Certain things like government, laws, time, space, gravity…that’s mass consciousness, it’s reality held together by a group of people. Now mass consciousness can shift too based on the individuals consciousness in that mass shifting and changing.

Victim or Creator Consciousness 

Depending on whether a person is conscious of their consciousness ie whether a perceiver is aware of the way they perceive themselves and whether people perceive themselves as creator of their reality or whether they are perceiving themselves as victim of outside circumstances where stuff happens to them and where their state of well-being is constantly impacted by other people and circumstances. Depending on how a person perceives themselves, they either experience great personal freedom or constantly feel let down by the outside world.

A person’s wisdom & insights

The way a person creates their reality of life depends as well on the amount of insights a person has had up until now (wisdom collected from their experiences available to them to draw upon). Basically what they were able to see yet from within for themselves. All the mini enlightenment’s they had up until now.

We all live in separate realities, however we all use the same tools thought & consciousness to create our psychological experience of life. Once we have an understanding of how we human’s operate, we have a better time understanding ourselves and others and why we behave the way we do.