It’s not about you, even though it might look like it on the surface…

People do they best they can with the consciousness they have available to them. People act and behave in ways that makes sense to them based on what they have learnt and insight-fully seen for themselves up until now. This changes all the time as we get fresh new insights in each moment.

We all individually undergo a natural evolution of ourselves, meaning we constantly learn and grow as our consciousness expands and we start to become more aware of ourselves and then we make different choices and see reality in a different light.

We can let ourselves and other people constantly off the hook, knowing that in each moment, we all do the best we can with the consciousness we have available to us at the time. Everyone is on a different journey in their own evolution, everyone gets what they need in perfect divine timing. You can’t rush a tree to grow faster and neither can you push your own evolution or nor the ones from others. Everybody is already perfect, regardless of how they show up.

A child is already an adult in another timeline, you are already realised in another timeline…so there’s no need to rush where you are now….AND you’re still going to want to go faster, change other people, resist others and judge them…that’s your personal mind in action.

Now that doesn’t mean you need to continue to connect with people that aren’t resonating with you, it’s okay to simply honor people and their journeys and let them go or connect with them at another time again from a different space.

For years I wanted to try and change my mum and my dad, I wanted them to be more enlightened, I wanted them to be different, I wanted them to have made more conscious choices in their past. I didn’t understand why my mum put me into boarding school knowing we only lived 10 mins away. I was 11 years old when my parents got divorced, my mum fell into deep depression afterwards, she still had to look after me and she was full of fears that my family would take me away from her, hence her decision to put me into boarding school. I never forgave her for that, I hated being in boarding school and I could never understand why she did what she did. Now without having the understanding “that everyone is doing the best they can with the awareness they have”, I would have continued to be judgmental towards my mum, however in hindsight I can see all the energies present that were going on when my mum made that decisions. She was full of fears and she was already exhausted herself and needed time for herself to recharge her own batteries. Considering she had to go to work too, she needed to have some time off for herself in the evenings.

Now seeing my mum with compassion, I can fully understand what she did, I no longer hold any grudges against her because I know what she did wasn’t personal vs. in the past I would have thought it was all about me, it was a sign of her not loving me and I played the victim.

This is how our reality can change, how through having more understanding we can see people in a different light, we can take our own power back of having been wronged in the past and can literally change the past. My own well-being isn’t dependent on the choices my parents in the past, I’m not damaged because I went to boarding school. I’m just as whole as I was before going to boarding school then I was after and I am now. No experience can damage me…my “I am”, who I am at the core is still perfectly intact.

It was just an experience…