Have you noticed how you don’t stay in a feeling forever…just like children’s feeling change moment to moment, so can your feelings too. You’re not constantly upset or depressed 24/7. Your own consciousness shifts and as a result you get fresh new thinking, you get distracted, you get busy with life and all of the sudden you experience otherĀ feelings too.

Sometimes we tend to only focus on the feelings we don’t like or on the feelings we do like, getting so focused and narrow that we ignore the fact that as human beings we have the capacity to allow ourselves to experience the full range of human feelings.

If you get curious enough, you’ll notice you’re not in those feelings forever and whatever feeling you’re focusing on, there’s guaranteed another one around the corner.

The only difference between getting caught in a feeling and allowing all feelings to move through, is your own awareness, your own presence when the feelings arise. Depending on whether we’re aware of our feelings or not, we either get swept away by them or we have the ability to simply be present with them and allow them to move through.

The less we wrestle and engage with them, the quicker they move through. The less energy we give those feelings, the sooner they dissolve.

Sometimes we react on feelings & other times we’re more aware and can choose whether to act them out or not. When we feel low, we’re more prone to just speak what’s on our mind unfiltered, getting upset with other people and when we feel aware, we tend to choose our responses more wisely, not blaming it on the outside world.