“If you have a body, you’re a dancer” – Gabrielle Roth

Ecstatic Dance is a free flow dance & embodiment practice with the intention to move energies and emotions that got stuck in the body. It’s a fun way to keep the body fit whilst going on a journey deep inside of yourself. It can offer a profound healing experience for people who feel disconnected and it’s a space where self judgement, shame and illusion of separation have an opportunity to dissolve, making room for wholeness, empowerment and community.

“Be the dance!
When the dancer becomes inseparable from the dance,
this is called flow”

I offer a space where your authentic voice can come out through dance (sometimes I might also invite you to tone together), allowing you to lead a more connected, heart-centred, curious and honest life. Ecstatic Dancing is also an art form in which we can convey our own language of the soul and express ourselves in ways which we can’t do through words.

Conscious Breathing
Ecstatic Dancing
Journaling & Writing
Integrating Energies
Toning – Meeting the spirit of your voice
Cacao Ceremony
Sharing Circle

It’s time to go within, feel your body and experience yourself what it feels like to live inside of your body instead of judging yourself from the outside. It’s about learning to trust your own experience, rather than wondering whether you are doing it right.

During our sharing circles, I create a safe space for us to explore what energies might have gotten stuck. We go on a journey to open up and allow more of you to return into the space to allow you to live a sensual life.

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Dancing is always combined with music and music is medicine for the soul. Music has the power to shift us from one state into another state of being. My passion is to “craft” and “mix” carefully selected playlists to take you on an “Ecstatic Dance Journey” consisting of 6 waves:

  • Gentle arrival music to start grounding yourself in the body
  • Playful music to increase the energy slowly
  • Chaotic music for wild, orgasmic & cathartic energies
  • Cruising music for steady energies
  • Nostalgic music that takes you back home inside yourself
  • Still music for integration & wholeness
    Throughout the dance journey we create, evoke and release a lot of energies and set intentions.

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    Free flow dancing allows you to follow the impulses of your own body and let the body lead you, rather than you controlling the body. The “ecstatic” part of ecstatic dancing is about expressing feelings of anger, sadness, grief and joy through dance, allowing you to explore deeper layers of yourself.

    “Put your body in motion and your psyche will heal itself.” – Gabrielle Roth

    I carefully select music that “moves me inside” and music that I can “feel” throughout my body & cells, so that my dancing clients can have a similar transformative experience throughout their dance journey.

    Having just finished my training to become an Ecstatic Dance DJ & Facilitator, my passion is also to blend & mix songs together, create awesome loops, play with filters, sound & voice effects to create unique dance experiences.

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    Rediscover yourself through sound, dance and music.

    “When you dance you speak in a language the whole world understands.”

    Did you know that sound effects us on a cellular level? Like a steady drum beat can put you in a trance. Music has the ability to heal ourselves.

    I often like to finish the dance journeys with a sound bath or a cacao ceremony and time for sharing. Sometimes I also like to read a passage from a book or draw/paint something spontaneous with my clients together.

    I also enjoy collaborations with musicians, painters, consciousness shakers & movers, tarot readers, sound healers to introduce different elements to my dance journeys to spice it up a little.

    “If you don’t do your dance, who will?” – Gabrielle Roth

    Let’s talk about the taboo topic “death”.

    I often thought about the “how” I can inspire people to open up to explore the topic of death and how to make it more “conversational”, “fun” and “explorative”. So I invented a card game called “Conscious Death Design Card Game” for couples, friends and families to explore this topic in a fun way by exploring questions & answers together around the most relevant questions when it comes to understanding & preparing for the death journey. Throughout the game consisting of +100 cards, people can make a note of each others preferences, allowing all participants to have more awareness around a sometimes unconscious part of life and learn interesting facts about each other’s last moments of their life.

    Note: The card game is currently in the translation phase and will be released in German & English language as a digital game version first (PDF), before the card game will be available to purchase as physical copy in the store.

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    Along with the card game, I have created Zoom events where a group of people can come together to explore the topic death by playing the card game together. Sometimes playing the game with family & friends feels too intimate or strange depending on how open or closed your family & friends are to explore the topic together. So why not play and explore the game with a bunch of strangers. Just like people meet up regularly to play a game of poker or play cards, I offer these card game gatherings once a month, allowing people to explore the topic death in a safe environment, free from judgment.

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    I also like to combine my passions of dancing and death together. As you know different people process grief differently. Dancing is one way of allowing you to transmute grief and sadness. Move your own energies and connect with your lost ones throughout the dance. By dancing you can celebrate their life and honour them for having been part of your journey as well as helping you grief your own loss and release stuck energies.

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    I am also a death transition guide and death educator that loves to help people remove the fear and heaviness of dying, making death a celebration & a conversation instead. I like to bring more lightness, fun and exploration to the often grim topic of death that nobody wants to talk about and provide people with wisdom and tools so they are equipped to handle their own death journey or those of loved ones in a more conscious way. I’d like for you to become an active participant in the process, rather than regret having felt paralysed. I offer my services as a death transition guide to help people transition to the other side and support them pre, during and post death. Finally I also offer ask me anything about death sessions to help people make more educated choices about death.

    Find out more about my Death Adoula services here.

    Read my digital book about conscious death design, where I touch upon what happens pre, during and post death from a human & spiritual point of view, how to prepare and personalise your own death journey to make it more unique to your own lifestyle and beliefs.

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