“To hear what is not said,
to see what cannot be seen
and to know the unknowable”

Aloha, I’m Daniela and my passion is to have transparent conversations around what it means to be a human being going through awakening, enlightenment and self realisation and the challenges that arise on the way.

I have tremendous love, passion and honouring for any soul in human form on this planet who is brave enough to show up and go on this bold journey to discover themselves as Creator of their own Reality and then to bring forth their creations into this physical reality from a more conscious way, going beyond the limitations of the mind.

I work with people on their awakening journey who need support & guidance with:

  • Integration of disassociated aspects due to trauma, shock or any form of sexual, physical or psychic abuse to integrate those aspects back into the grand self and for you to feel safe at home again. Disassociated aspects have a tendency to run the show and influence your daily life in terms of how you show up in every day life and the choices and decisions you make. When they integrate back again, you are back in the driving seat of your own life to run the show.
  • Support with energetic imbalances in relationships that cause victim and abuse cycles in relationships and cause you to attract imbalanced relationships
  • Support on your awakening, enlightenment and spiritual self realisation journey from someone who has been through the process themselves and who understands what happens along the way from dark nights of the soul, to asking questions about ‘who I am I’ and what is consciousness and energy.
  • Support with consciously designing your death journey, from help with speaking to family, how to enjoy the last days of your death and choosing what you like to do with your body once you’re gone. AND even if you’re not about to die yet, having a conversation around death can help you appreciate life more.
  • Deepening body awareness and integrating aspects through dance encouraging self expression, healing through dance, bringing harmony back into the body. The aim of the dance is to get us out of the mind and into the body and I AM, so you can hear your own wisdom and feel safe in your body.

Did you know that Aloha has many meanings but in terms of way of life it means:

Alo = In the Present
Oha = Joy
Ha = Breath of Life