Enlighten, Experience, Expand & Evolve

Welcome to the Age of Self!

“Live life your way from Life & Love to Death
to everything in between.”

Self Love, Self Expression, Self Responsibility, Self Fulfilment, Self Awareness & Self Realisation are part of a conscious person on their journey to realising and becoming ‘Self’. I’d like to be a mirror on your spiritual development journey as well as introduce you to new perspectives on life, love & death, inspiring you let go of self sabotaging aspects that are stopping you from living your full potential. I am not your teacher, simply your reflection.

About Me

I am a Consciousness, Self Love, Energy Management & Death Transition Guide as well as Integration Dancer for people going through their self realisation and are interested in living a more conscious life.

My passion

Is to help you go beyond the prisons of the mind, beyond right & wrong, good & bad, old programming and patterns to open up to your feelings.

Live a life beyond power, struggling, limitation, victim & abuse patterns, where you can realise who you truly are beyond who you think you are.

Choose from what level of consciousness to respond from in any moment and become a Conscious Creator in your Life.