“To hear what is not said,
to see what cannot be seen
and to know the unknowable”


Aloha, I’m Daniela and my passion is to have transparent conversations around what it means to be a human being going through awakening, enlightenment and self realisation and the challenges that arise on the way.

I have tremendous love, passion and honouring for any soul in human form on this planet who is brave enough to show up and go on this bold journey to discover themselves as Creator of their own Reality and then to bring forth their creations into this physical reality from a more conscious way, going beyond the limitations of the mind.

I hope our conversations might inspire you, make you laugh, help you discover and love your own humanity, access new potentials, shift perceptions or at the very least provide a more neutral outlook on a situation so you can move beyond a previously difficult and challenging situation.

Whilst it would be amazing to inspire you to quantum leap into new potentials and new understandings of yourself, let’s just take the pressure off ourselves for our conversations to go anywhere and let’s just enjoy being in each other’s presence and see what arises. Also whilst it might appear I’m the one in charge, I’m really not, I’m not hear to teach, I’m merely here to hold the space so you can have your own realisations about yourself and hopefully hear your own wisdom.

Think of me as your non judgemental sounding board. My goal for you if there is such a thing would be freedom from the mental prisons of the mind, realising your true nature and for you to live a life in harmony with yourself. I’m simply here to shine my own light.

Book an ‘Aloha Life’ session below and I’ll get in touch with you via the email address you provided on Paypal to arrange our Skype session.
You can bring any areas to our sessions from relationships, dating, work, life or death issues or simply discuss symptoms of awakening, enlightenment, self realisation and we take a fresh look together from a more compassionate and non judgemental space.

60 mins
120 mins

Did you know that Aloha has many meanings but in terms of way of life it means:

Alo = In the Present
Oha = Joy
Ha = Breath of Life

This is a picture of me in my new Quantum Leap T- shirt with the black lightning bolt that you see represented in my logo. The black lightning bolt personally stands for understanding of energy. The colourful layers behind me stand for layers of truth depending on what layer of consciousness you operate in there’s many truths to a situation. When you shine a light on your reality landscape, you can see and hear your own truth and allow the wisdom to radiate out. The closest thing to truth is when you hear your own truth. But be aware, truth isn’t a constant, truth shifts and changes as your own consciousness shift and evolves too.