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Access depth & sensuality
Find a deep sense of purpose
Uncover layers of guilt and shame
Self realize & express your truest self
Maintain motivation toward your goals
Go beyond processing into vibrant living
Learn about magnetism to draw in your desires
Learn to feel ALL feelings & move through them
Deepening the relationship with your body
Become overwhelmed with pure passion
Go beyond struggling & suffering
Enjoy freedom from limitation
Go beyond the fear of death
Enjoy the beauty of life

Feel & sense first, depth first, direction second.
Learn to use your body’s sensitivities for
embodied orientation & magnetism.

Embodiment is not a linear path and neither is it a one-off exercise. It is about allowing the deconditioning, integration & realization of yourself, dropping into your own body & energy, expressing yourself from that space, and feeling safe in the world.

The embodiment journey is about diving deep into “experience” rather than staying on the surface i.e. being “theoretical”. It is about melting everything that is frozen inside, getting stuck energies caused by trauma to flow again, going beyond ancestral DNA into your own song of the soul, shedding layers of hardness, going beyond the inner saboteur, and creating space for softness to come through. It is about becoming sensual again.

Embodied living also means finding joy in daily life, cultivating meaningful relationships, feeling a deep sense of love and trust for yourself, making better decisions using your intuition, moving through difficult times with integrity.

Go from being numb & disconnected to super sensory living.

When you leave your body, life becomes shallow. Life is no longer penetrating you instead, everything becomes a burden, life becomes stressful and hard. YOU are missing from the equation. Life happens to you, instead of you fully participating and co-creating your reality. When you add “YOU” back in, you can reap the rewards that life has to offer and life becomes richer and more colorful.

Go beyond perceived limitations, doubts, and insecurities. Move from victimhood into Self Mastery. Choose your own perceptions about reality. Increase your capacity to handle high intense feelings, transform trauma, resentment, and unexpressed anger. Allow pleasure & passion in.

Infuse life with your love, passion, and full self-expression! This will create the most important relationship you will ever have with yourself. Embody the courage you need to push past old ways of expressing yourself in relationships & business.

If your body says “hell, yes” to working with me, then please get in touch. If it’s a no or meh…then somebody else might be a better fit. Trust your feelings on this.

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Allow pleasure & sensuality to be part of your everyday life!

What is embodiment?

Let’s talk about what disembodiment means first. Disembodiment is feeling numb, dissociated, suppressed, and frozen, unable to feel & express all feelings. It is about living in your head and ignoring your body. Not knowing your own truth or boundaries because you are being focused on appeasing everyone else. It is living outside in instead of inside out. It is also a feeling that life is hard and having an inability to receive, magnetize and feel pleasure. It is about being data-driven, focused on logical thinking instead of using your senses for decision-making & calling in the highest potential for yourself.

Arrive & thrive in the world!

Embodied dance

Embodied dance is for anyone who wants to wake up their body, and feel more connected, alive & sensual. This movement practice is designed to get you out of your head and into your hips and heart.

The carefully curated dance journey takes you across several waves and genres, combining music, movement, and integration.

No prior dance skills are needed, this is about dancing to the beat of your own drum, your own song of the soul, and letting the body have its way with you whilst being guided by me. We will together assess what is currently alive in your life and what would like to be transformed through dance, to allow a beautiful rebirthing through dance.

You can turn your camera off during the live dance sessions for those of you that feel “self-conscious” or use blindfolds at home to help you curate more of an “internal dance” experience rather than being focused on judging your moves.

If you like to embody wisdom whilst dancing, release anything that is no longer serving, transform old patterns or allow your shadows/the subconscious to surface through dance, this is the right place for you regardless of your dance skills and stamina. Through embodied dancing we are bringing back the fluid, feeling side of our being. It is about deepening your relationship with yourself, your sub conscious & your body to arrive more fully in life, receive more, feel more pleasure, and surround yourself with more beauty.

The more we can practice being embodied during this movement practice, the more we can do that in every other facet of our life.

Take me to Embodied Dance Sessions

Let’s move & embody together.
It’s all about your dance with energy.
Allow the gift of energy to flow into your life.
This is your natural state of being.

Daniela Eichberger

About Me

Embodiment tools for conscious beings who value sensuality, pleasure, and aliveness & who want to lead with their body, rather than their heads or to-do lists. Who want to magnetically draw in their desires and dance with sensual aliveness in their day.​

Daniela is an Embodiment Coach & Liberation Through Movement Facilitator currently living in Austria. She works with conscious women & men, supporting them to inhabit their bodies more fully & live in embodied & fully expressed ways.

Daniela has left her corporate career as a Sales, Training, and Client Services Manager, to devote herself to her own embodiment journey and support other beings who are on a similar journey.

The embodiment journey is about listening more closely to feelings, to not magic the pain away but rather entering it fully. To inhabit and understand it at the deepest level. The level beyond the mind, beyond thoughts. To become masterful in your inner world of sensations & feelings.

Your body of consciousness is a mansion with an infinite number of rooms. In Embodiment Coaching, I ask questions to discover previously unopened rooms.

“My body, like many women’s bodies, was numb. I was living in a tiny percentage of my bandwidth.

  • I lived in my head & ignored the needs of my body
  • I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable emotions, so I ate them away & numbed them out
  • I had to ‘fix’ my physical imperfections rather than embracing the entirety of this physical temple
  • I often couldn’t tell you what my truth, boundary, or opinion was, because it was smothered under all the things I needed to be for everyone to love me
  • I was looking for my purpose outside me, rather than living as my purpose
  • Sensuality was a performance, rather than a current I could effortlessly tap into
  • I had to work hard for success, rather than magnetize it in
  • Embodiment is a skill that I practice every day. When I let it slide, life becomes shallow, dry, and full of to-do lists & stress that I don’t understand. But when I show up for movement and dance with my depth as a woman, I am rewarded with living as that ‘richness’ I was searching for.” – Jenna Ward, Feminine Embodiment Coach

    My qualifications

  • Energy Management Training Crimson Circle
  • Aspectology Training – New Energy Psychology Training Crimson Circle
  • Dreamwalker Death Training – Spiritual Death Care Crimson Circle
  • Dreamwalker Birth Training – Spiritual Birth Care Crimson Circle
  • Ecstatic Dance DJ & Facilitator Training – Wakamaia School of Sacred Fun
  • MANA Dance – Mana Mei
  • Liberation through Movement Facilitator – Embodied Temple Keeper Training – Mana Mei
  • School of Womenly Arts – Mama Gena
  • The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough – Miss Jaya
  • The School of Embodied Arts – Jenna Ward

    Embodiment is living life informed through the felt sense experience of your body.

    “Learning to embody yourself, everything about you, it is so difficult but yet one of the greatest gifts of all, embodying you, being you, bringing back all of the parts and the pieces in love, bringing them back into the center, into the circle of your love, no longer rejecting, no longer dividing, but bringing them all back. Then you can honor and release the very structure of every one of those creations and sub-creations. And, now you go on an incredible journey, a ride, an expression. When you release those, everything can now go to their appropriate next level. You’ve been learning to embody those people that are close to you in your life. And, sometimes you found out that embodiment actually is release, the acceptance of them, the acceptance that they were your partner, or your child, or even for some of you your parent. You embodied them. And, then, you can release them. What a blessing that you can let them go because when you let them go, you also let yourself go. These are beautiful, simple principles of energy. The continual creation, a continual embodiment, and the continual release. It is the flow. It is what brings about the synchronistic life.” – Crimson Circle