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Hello, I’m Daniela!

My journey of awakening started 18 years ago when I lived in London. I was 20 years old and I was in love with a guy that was, well how to put it… not in love with me, at least not the way I wanted him to. He kissed someone else in front of my eyes whilst we were still dating and I was devastated. So much so that I started to punish myself for what I thought was my fault at the time. Yes, I went on a BIG guilt trip back then instead of just saying goodbye and not looking back. Back then I thought it was my fault that I couldn’t make the relationship work. I felt so bad, that I started to have bulimia. It took me 2 years to recover from it. What looked like a drama on the surface, was actually a blessing in disguise. It was the first step towards discovering “SELF LOVE”.

PS: I’m glad we didn’t work out, today we would have nothing in common…but back then, I didn’t have the wisdom from my future self to draw upon! I learnt to reposition break ups for myself…it’s just a letting go, no need for high drama, no hardships, no blame. In the end it is just two people wanting to have different experiences. Nothing to control or manipulate and nothing to work upon. Behind every break up, is a new beginning! No need to be a victim & no need for self punishment. Just an honouring of each others journeys and chosen experiences. 

I was always sensitive to energies, always a nervous child, feeling stressed by my outside environment whether it was my dad who drank too much alcohol or my mum who was a control freak and a workaholic. Whether it was the teacher at school that I was scared of, for pulling me up to speak in front of the room. I grew up fearing the world and biting my fingernails out of constant anxiety and the fear of how to fit in and deal with what I perceived to be a harsh world.

I realised later that I was never designed to fit into an old world, I was part of creating an entirely new one. I was part of birthing a new consciousness on this planet free from old structures. No wonder I was stressed out!

Back to my story. After my “perceived failed relationship”, I wanted to know just what it takes to have loving relationships with others. I kept being pointed back to nurture the relationship with myself…over and over and over again. I learnt that “it starts with me, loving myself”.

On my way to heal myself from bulimia, I discovered NLP and certified in NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy. It was the start of my personal development journey. I attended many relationship seminars with Ariel & Shya Kane in the US to learn from a couple that had a healthy relationship, that talked about the Power of Now and talked about Instantaneous Transformation. I didn’t want to recreate the relationship my parents had that ended up in divorce. Back then I was still judging divorce, now I have a totally different outlook. I was looking for alternative ways to create relationships filled with magic and joy, beyond old patterns and relationship traditions. I was ultimately looking for a magical relationship with myself and one filled with freedom.

In my late 20’s and beginning 30’s I moved from being interested in personal development, to being interested in spirituality. I discovered Reiki and became a Reiki Master and started to work with energies more consciously. I started joining lots of spiritual groups like the London College of Spirituality, Language of Love Events and I even attended Cuddle Workshops. Eventually in 2012 I stumbled across the Crimson Circle, a global affiliation of New Energy Teachers which quantum leaped my own spiritual development into having a greater sense of understanding of how energy and consciousness work with each other and I reconnected to my wisdom that was already within, to go beyond the patterns of the mind and go into quantum allowing to create “New”.

I certified as a Sexual Energy Teacher (a study on how to manage energy wisely and learn to go beyond abuse and victim patterns), I also certified as an Aspectology Teacher (New Energy Psychology on integration of disassociated aspects, parts of oneself) and finally, a Dreamwalker Death Teacher (helping dying people transition to the other realms). I learnt to work with energies on a multi-dimensional level.

I facilitated many workshops in Austria, UK and Scotland on the above subjects.

My journey with my mum who struggled with mental imbalances and schizophrenia for 20 years of her life taught me to have lots of compassion for myself and anyone else who is daring to go beyond the hypnosis of the mind, beyond ancestral patterns, and anyone who leaps into the unknown to discover themselves outside the limitations of the mind. It takes big levels of compassion to go on the journey and face everything you have ever thought to be true about yourself and the “outside world”. I learnt there isn’t really an outside world, only my energy & my perception of other people….that sent me on a whole different journey of letting go of every single belief system I had, including that I needed to change the world “out there”, this led me to once again look within at my own reality landscape and how I was relating and creating in the world.

My mum died a few years ago, she didn’t want to be here anymore. Having certified as Death Transition Guide, I guided my mum over to the other side and dreamwalked her energy. (Dreamwalking = An interdimensional journey of consciousness where the guide stands in honour and compassion while illuminating the way for someone transitioning). It brought me valuable experiences that I now share in my book Conscious Death Design and during my Death Education sessions.

I love supporting people in their self-realisation and on their journey to allow more compassion into their life. I’ll help you reconnect to your own wisdom around energy awareness and how to integrate disassociated aspects so they no longer run the show, and people can take ownership of their own life and realise their own sovereignty. Become a conscious creator in your own life. I’ll also share wisdom around Death & Dying, to bring in new perspectives on death. My passion is to inspire consciousness on how we deal with the final stages of someone dying, make death a celebration, bring in new ways of how to create “End of Life parties” and look at ways of how to deal with the body when someone dies. I also have a passion for dancing. I combine free style dancing with aspect integration to create what I call “Integration Dancing”, a way of dancing freely to music whilst moving stuck energies in your body.

I am not a Teacher in the classic sense…I love to educate, distract, inspire and point you back to your own wisdom. I like to pass on wisdom from my own journey, share stories, create awareness and point out potentials…but ultimately, your journey is unique to you and I am in honour of you being here and daring greatly to live consciously. It would be an honour for me to share with you if our paths cross.

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