About Me

Feminine embodiment for women who value sensuality, pleasure, aliveness, who want to lead with their body, rather than their heads or to-do lists. Who want to magnetically draw in their desires and dance with sensual aliveness in their day.​

Daniela is a Feminine Embodiment Coach & Dance Facilitator currently living in Austria. She works with women to deepen their feminine gifts, inhabit their bodies more fully & coach in embodied ways.

Daniela has left her corporate career as a Sales, Training, and Client Services Manager, to devote herself to her own embodiment journey and supporting other women who are on a similar journey.

The embodiment journey is about listening more closely to feelings, to not magic the pain away but rather entering it fully. To inhabit and understand it at the deepest level. The level beyond the mind, beyond thoughts. To become masterful in your inner world of sensations & feelings.

Your body of consciousness is a mansion with infinite number of rooms. In Embodiment Coaching, I ask questions to discover previously unopened rooms.

My body, like many women’s bodies, was numb. I was living in a tiny percentage of my bandwidth.

  • I lived in my head & ignored the needs of my body
  • I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable emotions, so I ate them away & numbed them out
  • I had to ‘fix’ my physical imperfections rather than embracing the entirety of this physical temple
  • I often couldn’t tell you what my truth, boundary, or opinion was, because it was smothered under all the things I needed to be for everyone to love me
  • I was looking for my purpose outside me, rather than living as my purpose
  • Sensuality was a performance, rather than a current I could effortlessly tap into
  • I had to work hard for success, rather than magnetize it in
  • Embodiment is a skill that I practice every day. When I let it slide, life becomes shallow, dry, full of to-do lists & stress that I don’t understand. But when I show up for movement and dance with my depth as a woman, I am rewarded with living as that ‘richness’ I was searching for.

    My qualifications

  • Energy Management Training with Crimson Circle
  • Aspectology Training – New Energy Psychology Training with Crimson Circle
  • Dreamwalker Death Training – Spiritual Death Care with Crimson Circle
  • Ecstatic Dance DJ Training – Wakamaia School of Sacred Fun
  • MANA Dance – Mana Mei