Aloha Life

Sometimes in life we shut down and restrict our own flow of life. This can be due to number of reasons, shock, fear, trauma, stressful events, not feeling safe in our own skin, feeling overwhelmed, having a lack of understanding, inability to access and communicate feelings transparently outward to those around us, feeling stuck in the mind not being able to get out.

Imagine it like one part of you wanting to move ahead whilst another part is frozen by shock, denial, deception, stuck in a limited viewpoint. You can’t quite see or hear yourself, move beyond the internal noise of the mind. I like to hold the space for you so you can relax into yourself and explore some of those old programmes, stuck voices in your head.

When certain aspects of us aren’t integrated yet, they have a tendency to run the show and create havoc in our life. Separation within ourselves occurs which can then lead to imbalances or a constant back and forth of unresolved energies, keeping you in a mental loop and in disharmony, blocking new discoveries.

During our sessions I’ll continuously point you back to the fact that you’re not only the Experiencer but also Observer and Creator of your own life. You’ll learn that everything is your own perception and that there is no ‘reality out there’ outside of you, leaving you to take ownership of your own life and navigate through life with more ease and grace. Putting the ‘real’ you back in the driver seat.

In order to fly, you sometimes need to grow a new pair of wings. That means letting go of old outdated ideas of yourself to leap into the I AM, a fluid state of expression, pure consciousness, so you can be a vessel for a new source of creativity and inspiration to flow through.