Consciously choose what’s yours

There is tremendous amounts of responsibility from you the Creator as the aspects are asking you where do we go boss. They are looking for integration.

If you’re in deep trouble, going through an intense crisis, would you go to someone who used holy water or anything else other than truth. Your aspects want you to be truthful.

Don’t sugar coat your aspects.
Don’t use conditional love or manipulation!

Humans get stuck in misalignment and then they create aspects to get them unstuck and then these aspects make things even more confusing.

Aspects are just “your stories”.
Over 90% of what you feel is not yours!

You are the point of presence!
Consciously chose what’s yours.

Are you real, are you accepting of yourself, are you ready to take responsibility again? Many of these aspects are fragmented because you gave up responsibility of yourself, you gave it to governments, churches, other people or anybody that you can unload the responsibility on. Aspects aren’t going to come home when you aren’t there.

It may take years to integrate aspects or just a few months. It depends on where you are in your point of presence. How you maintain your sense of balance and integrity of yourself. How much you trust you, your soul being with this process. After you have worked with a few waves of aspects, you will find it is smoother and easier.

There is a tendency to back up and leave immediately when it gets difficult, frightening and uncomfortable. Then you leave your body energetically. You leave behind a shell that can talk, but it’s just a temporary management. You are the owner, it requires you to be there, to stay present. That is one of the keys….to stay in the point of presence. To keep breathing. To stay in this still and beautiful place of the I AM.

No matter how hard the aspects try to blow your house down, no matter how much they belittle you. Stay in your point of presence. I am that I am. No psycho analysis of your aspects. They want to know they are accepted and loved.

Depression = I can’t handle energy and you then shut down. When you are not doing creative expression you will go into depression. Depression begets more depression.

Every aspect has a counter aspect until the aspect is reintegrated. Every aspect has a purpose.

Fear provides opportunity for wisdom and growth
…walk right through that fear.

Choose life!
Integration is about Applied Consciousness.

By consciously releasing, letting those stuck energies go, it will speed up your evolutionary process.

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