Quantum Allowing our first Epic Misfits trip – We’re off to Hawaii

Cosmo and I wanted to go somewhere warm during our first ‘Epic Misfits trip’, we wanted to stay nearby a beach. We also knew we wanted to have some writing time for Epic Misfits stories and time for cool signature experiences. We knew we wanted to travel on our own, this was a trip for self exploration and time for self to recharge. Lloyd was fully supportive and masterful in allowing Cosmo and me to travel on our own.

At the beginning of March the energies started moving, it looked at first we were going to Dubai. However all attempts to book flights and hotel rooms weren’t flowing. I even had to cancel a hotel room after I booked it already, thankfully didn’t have to pay any fees.

Lloyd didn’t feel good about me going to Dubai, it was one of those things where you couldn’t put your finger on, but he must have felt on a subconscious level there was something better out there for me and Cosmo to explore.

A few days went by and then it came to me, I always loved Hawaii and it so happened that there were two seminars happening in Hawaii in April that I wanted to attend. So within a matter of days, my trip to Hawaii was booked including my Airbnb stay and the two seminars. Bits of information came to me at different times and it all started to flow again. It started to feel real good again.

As I finished booking my hotel room, I noticed Airbnb recommended me signature experiences available for me to try out during my trip, all local to my area. Experiences like Hula dancing, Flower Crown making, Chocolate tasting classes, Paddle boarding. OMG can it get any better!

I could get a taste of the good life already. It all comes to you without you having to go out there to ‘make happen’. It’s like sitting on a bicycle and the landscape moves without you having to do anything.

So that’s it, we’re just about to book our signature experiences and considering where to travel to before our trip to Hawaii.

Our learning from this trip, allow big and don’t play small and let it come to you in its own divine timing.

That’s Cosmo eating honey puffs while telling me what signature experiences to book. He wants to go Hula dancing with me. He’s so happy and I’m happy looking at him being happy. It’s a big happiness domino effect going on here. He even put on a hula dress and a flower on his head 🙂 Best sloth ever!