Conscious Death Design – Dying Your Way

Make death an honoring process &
a celebration of someone’s lifecycle coming to an end.

A comprehensive modern day guide
to all you need to know about death and end of life care.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • A new and lighter perspective on death, providing a true understanding of why we created death as an exit strategy in between lifetimes.
  • The three stages of the death process, to give you insight into what happens pre-, during, and after death. Having greater awareness around the stages of dying helps people let go of their fear.
  • The reincarnation cycle! What happens to a being in between lifetimes & how many times one reincarnates until they complete the death & rebirth process.
  • Responsibilities when a loved one dies; providing insight into the administrative process around death.
  • The Death Conversation; how to talk about death with your loved ones, friends, and work colleagues, so death no longer becomes a taboo. Share your own desires of what to do with the body and how to celebrate your end of life.
  • “Celebration of Life Party” – Inspiration for how to celebrate and honor someone in their final days of dying or after they have departed by giving them a beautiful send-off with a Celebration of Life Party.
  • Personalizing your leaving party. Providing tips on how to make the end of life party a unique celebration in line with your friends & families traditions.
  • Dealing with emotions and loss. Allowing everyone’s unique grieving process.
  • Honoring the departed online via Zoom or Skype. Make use of online meeting platforms to bring families & friends across the globe together to honor someone from the comfort of your own home. A less expensive way of coming together.
  • A new way of dealing with the body after death. An alternative to getting the body buried or having a fire cremation.
  • Dying & Re-birthing whilst still alive. Transform yourself, let go of old patterns & stories whilst still in physical form. Give yourself a complete reset without needing to die on physical death.
  • FAQ’s, Help & Support & Staying in the Conversation
  • The Conscious Death Design Checklist

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I’ve included an extra Death Design Checklist when you buy the Digital book as a bonus. The checklist helps you get clear on your own personal death journey when your time has come. Allowing you to write down your preferences on what you would like to do with your body upon death, how you would like to create your own Celebration of Life party, what you would like to have to happen to your belongings, with whom you would like to spend your last moments with, and many other questions that will help you provide clarity on your final steps. You can share the checklist with your loved ones so they are in the know when your time has come.

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