Capturing Consciousness

Are you a coach, guide, mentor, channeler or facilitator who works in the area of expanding consciousness?

Do you need support with video editing, starting your own podcast, creating banners for your Facebook Page/Website, recording an online class or in general need help with getting your message out?

Let me be there to support you in multiple ways:

  • As a sounding board so you can clarify your own message
  • To create promotional material like banners, flyers, posters, videos, recorded MP3`s, posts for your Social Media Channels or your website
  • To voice record or film your message for an online class, or carry out interview-style recordings to share your message with others
  • To collaborate and create an event together around the topics “passion in expression”, “self-love”, “energy management”, “aspect-integration”, “soul-body fusion/integrating your human & soul”, “conscious death design – dying with dignity”
  • As an Ecstatic Dance DJ, I can also support you with the musical journey of your event or your recordings