Assisted Suicide – Dying with dignity

“Spain has passed a law to legalise euthanasia, becoming the fourth country in Europe to allow people to end their own life in some circumstances. The law allows adults with “serious and incurable” diseases that cause “unbearable suffering” to choose to end their lives. Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Canada and Colombia are the only other countries in which euthanasia is currently legal.
We are heading towards the recognition of human rights and a more humane and fair society.

Euthanasia is the act of intentionally ending a life to relieve suffering – for example a lethal injection administered by a doctor. In cases of assisted suicide, the act is undertaken by the person themselves with help.

To request either, the person must:
Suffer a “serious or incurable illness” or a “chronic or incapacitating” condition that causes “intolerable suffering” and be “fully aware and conscious” when they make the request, which has to be submitted twice in writing, 15 days apart. A doctor can reject the request if the requirements have not been met. It must be approved by a second medic and by an evaluation body.”
– taken from BBC article

My musings:
This is a great step in the evolution of death care and dying with dignity. Imagine knowing it is time to leave but your physical body is not giving out on you yet. It feels like being trapped in your own body when you want to leave. I find it more dignifying if you have a choice and can assist your body in giving out. It is a fact that some people take 7-10 years to die off, think about the responsibility to other people and the burden on your own soul. There is actually very little to be learned by humans who take years to die off, it is painful and degrading. Do you want somebody to clean up and feed you before you go? The human has ownership of their own being, they can do whatever they choose. If they choose assisted suicide there is no judgment.

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