Urns, Urns, Urns

Did you know that there are many different types of urns out there?

From biodegradable urns that turn into a tree, to urns with custom motives like an owl, to urns that can float in the sea?

When my mum died I wanted to have a “special urn”, something that was unique to our connection and that provided meaning. I chose a biodegradable urn with an owl print to keep her ashes inside, until I released her in nature. The owl represented wisdom and also a sense of freedom, a flying off to other realms, a moving on.

Urns can usually cost between 200-300 Euros, however you can get water urns much cheaper for around 75 Euros if you want to release the ashes into the sea.
Here are some great resources for different types of urns out there, should you ever need to buy one for friends or family. Or you can even chose an urn yourself for when your time has come and let your family know.

The urn is usually sent to the funeral company of your choice for them to put the ashes in, and the urn will then be handed back to the person in charge. In the case of my mum, I was the keeper of the urn until I released her in nature.

A great website for biodegradable urns that turn into a tree is here. Just be aware that it might take years for the tree to grow. There are bio degradable urns for humans & pets. https://urnabios.com/

For urns with various motives, this website is a great resource.

For urns that can float in the sea, Etsy has some great solutions.

Paint your own urn! Did you know that you can even order an urn & an urn painting set and paint your own urn?

You can order urns made out of different materials and also different types of painting styles, like airbrushed urns.

And for something extra extra special, you could even get urns in the design of your favorite car. This company provides some really cool designs.

There is a whole “urn-iverse” out there 🙂

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