When to have sex & when not to have it

Is there a right moment and a wrong moment to have sex?

Did you ever have sex and feel empty afterwards? Instead of feeling all yummy and nourished, you feel depleted?

There are multiple different kinds of sex experiences out there, what’s important is the space both partners are in when they are about to embark on it and the space they cultivate together.

Are both people open for sex? If yes, great. If not, the person who is not open needs to take responsibility to not engage in it and communicate their truth. Of course moods can change again AND it is also important to honour your own truth in any moment, stay in integrity with yourself if you are feeling a no in the moment. If for some reason the energies are not right.

What is the energetic environment to have sex? Is there drama, trauma, pain involved? If yes, it is likely going to be a ground for energy “feeding” instead of energy “nourishment”.

Does the sex cause havoc inside your own energy house after?

Develop a sense of energy to see what feels and doesn’t feel good and whether you are open or closed.

Take care of yourself and make sex a loving act between two people, regardless whether it is wild or soft.

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