DanceXperiment: I wish you well old aspects

DanceXperiment is a project of mine that gets people dancing online to the same song together with the intention of the video to encourage self expression and for people to let their body freely move to music not in a choreographed way but in their own individualistic expression. Think of it like an online conscious dance party where we don’t have to be in the same place or dance together at the same time. The idea is to take songs like this song and have different intentions each time when we come together to dance.

Today’s Dance Intention: Letting go of old aspects that are no longer serving

The intention of this song is to integrate old aspects that are no longer serving, let go of old fears to bring harmony back into the body. So when you dance, dance out your old aspects.

When you dance really focus on being present in the body and notice what happens and include it in the dance, whether it’s feeling uncomfortable, feeling you don’t quite allow yourself to make a specific dance move but you would really like to. Sometimes you might get new ideas during a dance, you might think you look silly. Include all of those observations into your dance but simply bring awareness to your body and then notice what happens for you during the dance.

If you like to share what came up, please comment below if you like.

The idea of DanceXperiment is to get us out of the mind and into the body and soul. It’s about supporting our individual self expression to honour the sovereignty in each and every person.

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