DanceXperiment: Integration of the Mind into Your Whole Self

Today’s Dance Intention: Integration of the Mind into Your Whole Self

Hello dance buddies out there on the journey to self realisation. I created another dance video to celebrate the last moments of the mind before integrating into the grand self, moving into sovereignty, your knowingness, into your new. I don’t know about you, but I was shouting yesterday ‘I have no clue how to show up anymore’. Gotta laugh at moments like this, for me it was the last moment of my limited mind/consciousness rearing its head before integrating. Let’s celebrate the integration of the mind with all its comparisons, self doubts, control, insecurities, righteousness, better than, need to be further along, need to get somewhere, need to battle my way through the day and work with force….and dance it out in this song.

Headbanging is allowed 🙂

If you just about had enough of the limitations of the mind, then this song is for you.

Remember this is your stage and your song, so dance however you like. This is about your individualistic self expression. Details of the song are included in the video description on YT.

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