Embodied Birth & Rebirth

The intention of this online class is to create awareness of conscious birthing and to make the birth process an embodied, empowering & conscious journey for everyone involved from the parents, the incoming baby, and the assisting adoula (if one is desired to be present during the birth journey). The term adoula means a nonmedical guide, someone that is supporting the parents with the birth process, providing coaching to ensure birth choices are aligned & conscious and helping to establish a connection with the baby ideally from pre-conception until 9 months after birth itself, assisting the mother with assimilating the energy of the baby into their biology.

This online course can help as a self-coaching process to ensure you are in the right space for conscious birthing yourself or empowering anyone to facilitate someone else’s birth journey.
Course Curriculum:
• disembodied birthing vs. embodied birthing
• the actual job of an adoula & benefits of having an adoula by your side
• the 3 different birth breaths, toning, and embodiment dancing during each trimester
• the birth journey prior to conception itself
• rebirth dance, to rebirth yourself from seed to bloom

This class is for:
• Future parents who are interested in consciously birthing a soul
• For anyone who wants to become a birth adoula (from grandparents to friends…), assisting parents & the incoming baby in making sure that the birth process is done by conscious choice, that both couples are ready and that a strong bond is established between the incoming soul prior to birth
• Anyone curious about the conscious birth process and likes to know more about what happens pre-conception, before the connection with the baby is made
• Anyone who wants to rebirth themselves in their biology without having to die a physical death

Parents will learn how to develop a deep, spiritual connection with their baby long before actual delivery and even before conception, making the entire process of conception, pregnancy, and birth much smoother and more fulfilling. This class also provides information on autism, abortion, and miscarriage, and explains in depth how to facilitate a conscious connection and birth experience. Beginning even before conception, this profound service results in high fertility, low complications, parents getting the “right” baby, and a delivery marked by ease, grace, and joy.

„Hello soul, hello baby“ – Online Class & Self Coaching Questionnaire soon available!

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1) Pre Conception – Questionnaire to prepare mother & father for conscious birthing.

2) First Trimester – Breathing Session once a week with the intention to call in the soul & establish a connection – Conscious Listening to the mother – Reading between the lines of what’s not being said – Detecting worries, fears, and hesitations – Being a good listener. Biology, mind, and spirit are changing. Tell the mother to pamper herself, be near the water, and have a spa. Listen to soothing music. Breathing to establish a connection to the mother, the incoming child, and also the father.

3) Second Trimester – Continue weekly breathing or cut back to once every few weeks. Breathing changes to the breath that is about playing with the energies of the soul. Addressing fears that arise regarding the baby and pregnancy/delivery.

4) Third Trimester – Breathing every few days to improve the upcoming delivery process.