Death Transitioning

Learn how to go beyond the old way of dying. Imagine how much more you can enjoy your life if you are able to totally let go of that fear of death.

Death is one of the biggest consciousness blocks on the planet

There is so much fear, misunderstanding and so much misinformation about death. The remembrance of death and birth were mostly forgotten. When there is a fear of death, a belief that when you die you go out of existence or end up go to heaven or hell, when there is a belief like that, you will never be able to live with that old concept of death.

You will learn about death itself and learn how to guide others via a Dreamwalk. You will go through your embodied death. You will allow the grandest of all transitions, allowing yourself to have freedom to be the sovereign being you are.

Dreamwalkers are guides for those who are transitioning, guides without agenda who go on a beautiful and sacred walk. You will find it easy to be able to open your energy and dance in the dimensions. Expand yourself easy and open up into other realms. Dreamwalking is one of the best teachers for learning how to open up multi dimensionally. Death is inevitable at least in current human consciousness.

Whats going to happen to you. You realise that upon your physical death you bring your body with you. You feel an integration of all of this coming together, brought back into the whole, physical, mental and spirit. Upon your death you will be aware of the near earth realms, you will go right on bye to the New Earth. That will be a stopover at least for all of you. It holds the greatest qualities of these planets. You will arrive at new earth, it is the beauty of the physical body which was hard to experience on earth . You will create the most amazing expressions of yourself in physical form. Theos is a special and beautiful place, the spa wing on the new earth. You are going to go there to rejuvenate, to integrate in a way that you haven’t done in ages. You didn’t really take this course to dreamwalk people onto the others side. It’s really the birth.