Allowing Magic

Enjoy this month’s dance video called “Allowing Magic”. You can find the accompanying playlist on Soundcloud.

As most of you know, I have spent the second half of January participating in an Ecstatic Dance DJ & Facilitator Training with the Wakamaia School of Sacred Fun in Bali. Hence it’s been a little quiet here. The course was held online via Zoom (online meeting platform) and Thinkific (online learning platform) and it went over 10 days with 3 days break in between. It was truly awesome but quite intense. We now have 90 days left to carry out Empowerment Projects showcasing off what we learnt about the technical side of being an Ecstatic Dance DJ from beat matching, looping, applying filters and mixing of songs.

It was quite a steep learning curve to learn Ecstatic Dance DJ skills from looping, to harmonic mixing, using filters like “Reverb” to give a song a spacey sound and playing with volume, filter and tempo bars. I’ve also learnt how to mix sound effects into my songs ie either overlay someone’s voice on top of a song, add a snare or a drum beat as well as mix in some sound healing i.e. like the sound of crystal bowl or hang drums.

On the facilitation side, I’ve learnt how to set an energetic space, how to start and end an Ecstatic session as well as learn how to build an “Ecstatic Dance Journey” consisting of 6 waves. I also learnt not to tire out people along the way and make sure the music is balanced i.e. not have too much chaotic music at once for example.

It is quite different being an Ecstatic Dance DJ compared to being a normal DJ in a disco. The reason being is that the range of music played by an Ecstatic Dance DJ is quite wide ranging from 85 beats per minute to 145 bpm, down to 75 bpm again during a whole dance set. Also the different songs include music from different genres like Base, House, Tribal, Funk, Instrumental, Ethnic Music, Ancestral, Ambient, World Music, Medicine Music, Shamanic Sounds, Nature Sounds etc…AND last but not least, a good Ecstatic Dance DJ creates the below dance journey across 6 waves:

Wave 1: Arrival and welcoming music

Wave 2: Build up, thriving and playful music to get energies rising

Wave 3: Chaotic, orgasmic, wild, soaring, for cathartic release

Wave 4: Cruise, steady, unwavering music to recharge

Wave 5: Nostalgic, lyrical from peak into heart music

Wave 6: Integration & stillness music, meditation for integration

So you can imagine, there’s quite a lot to learn. At the end of our Ecstatic Dance DJ training we had a live Zoom dance event where we all had a part to contribute. My part was to finish off the dance session with a toning exercise. I was way out of my comfort zone.

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