Committing to life & going all in

Inspiration for today’s dance: Do you know the feeling when you are dilly dallying? Taking 5 steps forward and 10 steps back? When you’re feeling excited one minute and then totally exhausted, fearful and confused the next? When you put one toe into the water and then take it out again?

It’s normal on the journey of self realisation. Doubt and fear, all sorts of stuff will come up that make you question whether you are for real and whether the path you on is for real. Especially when you walk the path of the unknown where there is no “path ahead” and you are carving it. All you have left is self trust and little guidance.

When you are going all in and committing to life, you will have to put yourself into a state of focus and presence. You will have to make a commitment to you.

A commitment to yourself to take time for you & giving yourself the things you need.
The gift of abundance, love from others, healthy biology, whatever you want to create. Imagine your soul singing to you & you totally accepting yourself.

Are you committed to making this the best life?
Are you committed to your relationships?
Are you committed to life?
Are you committed to your creations?

Turn your dreams into reality without agenda. Let go of the outcome but give it 100%.

Take control over your fears and turn them into your biggest motivation. Find a way of using them, and they will give you the energy you need to keep moving ahead.

It will give you a sense of direction and it will be a guide for all your decisions.

No whining how bad your situation is.

No wishing for better circumstances.

Instead, you are training yourself to take action. Training yourself to play within your own creation. Use all the resources that you have. Focus on a single project. Go all in on that project.

Everything else is inaction, the inability to commit and dependency on external circumstances.

There is a large difference between people who are willing to go all in on a project, and people who are paralysed by their fear. People who are willing to go all in, are putting themselves into a mindset of unshakeable commitment. These people are using whatever resources are at their disposal, to turn their dreams into reality.

They turn their fear of failure into their strongest motivator.

They focus all their attention on one single goal.

As a result, they gain the ability to keep moving ahead. No matter what happens, their unshakeable commitment drives them toward.

Finally, there is just one question left to ask.

How about you?

Are you willing to go all in?

Dance Instructions: Go all in with your dance today. Commit to the dance and commit to life, commit to the now moment.

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