Dance as a form of self love & self care

Inspiration for today’s dance video: Today I wanted to share with you why I love dancing and the benefits of dancing the way I perceive them.

Dance to me is a form of self love, self care & form of embodiment. Embodiment is about the experience of how it feels to live inside of your body compared to looking at yourself from an outside perspective and judging yourself. It is about learning to trust in the authority of your own body experience. It is about practicing “Intuitive Self Care”.

Dance is about connecting me to who I am.

Your dance moves are a language of your feelings at a particular moment in time. Through dance, you can convey emotions and narrate stories with your body that you may not otherwise communicate verbally.

When you dance without restrictions and limitations, truly feeling and experiencing yourself, you embody the art of dance. Dance then takes over the body and becomes a cathartic humanizing experience.

People who dance benefit from increased rhythm, balance, coordination and they experience mental well-being.

Dance is joyful, fun, entertaining, expressive, and healthy. It enhances the quality of life and is effective in bettering emotional health and self-confidence. It also helps you improve cardiovascular health, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and spatial awareness.

Dance is such great physical fitness, because it incorporates movements on all planes or motion and from all directions. It is also a safety valve that releases pent-up emotions, tensions and drives.

Sometimes we do not have the mature capacity to express ourselves verbally with coherent articulation; emotions are bottled up, unresolved, tense, and repressed. Dance and creative movements are known to reach out to the depth of the unconscious aspects of the mind and effectively mobilize the blocked psychic content.

Dance is proven to be a powerful method to enhance the tendency to be conscious and present in everyday life and therefore, dancers can be more mindfully centred, emotionally regulated, and cognitively balanced

Individuals can improve their self-esteem through dance by feeling the kinaesthetic joy of movement, making physical fitness a part of their lives, and feeling a sense of self-empowerment. The achievement comes through the mind-body integration that is dance—making the body respond to the mind’s dictate while being aware of bodily messages.

It is about you expressing yourself through dance that is important, not about the dance itself. There is no judgment on your dancing. I see dance as an applied art form!

Dance helps people with their mental health, including information retention, stress relief, and improved self-confidence. It is a cleanser for mind and soul.

Usually after hitting the dance floor, I am ready to go on, and create with more clarity.

Dance is an outlet for me. No matter what is going in life, I always have a place to let my emotions out and feel better. It helps me both physically and mentally. Dance is a stress reliever.

I dance because sometimes I have trouble verbally expressing how I feel. Dancing makes me feel free and it helps with my anxiety at times. I dance to express my emotions through movement.

It’s like an outlet for me and I really enjoy dancing. Dancing makes me happy and it teaches me to challenge myself to exercise in a way that is fun.

I dance because it frees me from whatever I may be feeling; I can pour out my emotions and be myself.

Dance is life. I love to express myself and dance is the avenue I choose to express myself through. Express myself in ways, words can’t. It’s like I am speaking through dance. When you dance you get to show whatever emotion you’re feeling. If you’re happy or sad, you can show that through your dancing.

I feel like when I dance, no one can judge me by the way I dance, because I have to put my own spice into it. It is my own unique dance of the soul, song of the soul that I am expressing through dance. It is unique to me and who I am.

Dance is a catalyst, an initiator. Dancing makes me feel happy and watching other people put their own flavour into their dance moves makes me even more happy.

When I dance, I feel refreshed afterwards, rejuvenated. It allows stress relief, increases my memory & alertness, focus and self-confidence. It allows for a joyful self-expression & emotional exploration.

Dance Exercise: During today’s dance notice how dance is fuelling and feeding you. Become aware of how you feel before, during and after the dance.

Sometimes before I am about to dance, I feel fatigued but actually during and after the dance I become more energised and feel more alive.

Comment below and let me know how dancing impacts you in your life!

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