Dance into your new life!

Inspiration for this dance video: During self realisation there comes a point where you step into your new life. The new life that is free from all the old identities, wounds, protective aspects, facades and the all so familiar suffering. They are no longer needed. It’s about conscious creation & instantaneous wisdom in the moment.

You go into the I exist, beyond controlling the world around you. The human will start to relax and not create yet another identity. You no longer need to worry or push a human agenda.

In the new life the experiences are rich, beautiful, joyful, sensual & fulfilling.

In the transition from the old into new, there are still a few aspects that are kicking and screaming, some wanting control or suffering before they integrate. Simply allow them to move through and know it’s time for them to come home. Stay in your safe space and in a place of compassion.

Know that your own intuition is guiding your new life and everything you need is going to be just there for you. Have compassion for yourself for all the suffering and all the determination you endured to get you here.

Energy is going to be very tailored to you where you can experience without lessons, right or wrong. It’s about creating without having a predetermined outcome.

Dance Instructions: During today’s dance see if you can feel your “I exist” which is free from identities, it’s pure consciousness, free from thought or preconceived ideas. See if you can dance into your new life without any overlays and allow yourself to feel your free energy body in the dance. Shake off any old anxiety and feel what it’s like to dance your own dance of sovereignty and freedom into your new life.

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