Ghosts from the past – Halloween Special

Sometimes old ghosts, aspects from the past, wounds, traumas come around for a visit. Old emotional stories trying to seduce you. They are like echoes from the past who try and get your attention and do anything to get some of your time in the now moment.

What if those ghosts are welcomed to the dancefloor of life, they can dance but they no longer have a power over you. You can even dance with them, knowing you are your own sovereign being.

When you make decisions in your life, the energy of separation has it so you find it very difficult and challenging, and by default then the decisions are made for you by mass consciousness, by your old ghosts and demons or by things outside of you.

Once you assume or re-assume authority of yourself as a sovereign being and start making decisions, this energy from the outside sources will blow right through you. It will keep you unaffected. You won’t be diminished by any of these energies that are trying to hold back your own reunion of masculine and feminine energies.

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