Let’s get physical!

On my self-realisation journey, I had a real challenge to get my ideas & dreams from the non-physical (imaginary realms) into the physical realm. I am very creative and multi-dimensional by nature and I enjoy exploring other dimensions, daydreaming, living out potentials in other realms, collecting ideas, channelling my creative self, even channelling visions for others and bring them down here. However, one thing I had forgotten is how to bring my own ideas down here, not just keep them out in the other realms.

I love living half a dimension off from everyone else, however I had to come back to this reality to get my own dreams manifested here. I needed to become human again.

I was so far off identifying with my non-physical self over the past few years to the point where I felt no pain, because I lived outside of my body, that I had to remind myself that life happens down here on planet earth, and I needed to get with my own consciousness here if I wanted to self-express & self-realise myself here on earth, which was the whole point of coming down to earth in the first place.

I needed to “get physical” again 🙂 I had to choose and embrace life once again and take my body and humanity with me. Whilst I am not my body, I am consciousness; embodiment happens through and with my body. So, it was time to enjoy and love my meat-suit :-), take it along for the ride.

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