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A few months ago, I had a vision of amazing dance moves, moves of me dancing wildly through my garden. The dance moves looked so professional, vs. my moves in my repertoire at the time were cool 😉 but nothing like the ones I saw in my vision. I saw myself literally flying around in the garden. Each time I tried to embody my vision last year & express it, I fell short.

Whilst on the one hand it didn’t matter, because the type of dancing I wanted to do is not about having the most amazing dance skills or offering lots of choreographies to people, I wanted to inspire people to self express & feel themselves through dance, allowing whatever moves want to come through in the moment beyond judgment of good or bad.

However there was a part in me that still wanted to increase my range, add more dance moves to the mix. Expand my dancing skills, not to show off, but for the fun and pure joy of it, for the joy of expansion. A few months ago, I signed up to a Body Groove dance class, where one gets one year long access to dance videos created by a professional lady who had 20 years experience of dancing. She shared a wide range of dance moves from Salsa to basic moves for anyone to copy but also express in their own unique style. She added a lot of fun and her own swagger to the videos.

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1 Conscious Dance Video per month – £6
2 Conscious Dance Videos per month – £12
3 Conscious Dance Videos per month – £18
4 Conscious Dance Videos per month – £24

Sign up to a monthly reoccurring membership tier of your choice and receive from 1 up to 4 Patreon post(s) a month to support your self-realisation journey where I will touch upon various topics like passion, self-love, self-expression, manifestation & abundance which you can integrate in the dance.

Each post will include some story telling from my own self-realisation journey, plus a 30 min playlist for you to dance to from your own home. From time to time I will also introduce you to new dance moves or gadgets like ribbons, Hula hoop & Glow Poi Sets to spice up your own dancing skills.

You can cancel your membership subscription anytime if you no longer wish to receive dance posts.

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