Connecting women to their body, voice, feelings,
wisdom, sensuality & their gifts through dance & movement.

Embodied dance is a conscious dance practice, inspiring you to go “inwards”, noticing the subtle sensations that are alive within your body. We learn to be present with our own physical & energy body to deepen our awareness, so we can meet the world from a fully expressed place. In embodied dance, we learn to break through our own self-consciousness and allow ourselves to feel more. It is not about feeling better, but about feeling more. It is about allowing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Embodied dancing is a guided & carefully crafted dance & movement journey. During the movement session, you will experience what it’s like to dance from a place of living inside of your body compared to looking at yourself from an outside perspective and judging yourself, your moves, your dancing, and your life. It is about being real with the experience, not adding anything on, and not taking anything away. It is about being raw & authentic, firstly with yourself and then with the world around you.

Let’s use dance & embodiment to connect to your physical, emotional/feeling/energetic & transpersonal body.

It is a place to find out how your body likes to dance. It’s all you. It is a very sacred space that allows people to feel safe, to feel comfortable, let down their guard, to let go of inhabitations’ and to express themselves fully. Anybody can come, everyone is invited if you like dancing, music, community, and connection.

Get a taster of an Embodied Dance session and dance with me from the comfort of your own home. Access your free online videos here.

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Integration Topics include:

Abundance, Grace & Receiving, Guilt-free Living, Boundaries & Consent, Making pleasure a priority, Dealing with stress & burnout, Dealing with high intense feelings, Activating your animal body & your wild side, Beyond perfectionism, imposter, martyr & self-sabotage, Moving through Trauma Responses i.e. Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn & Numbing, Rehumanizing life – Beyond capitalism into equality, Moving from theory into embodied living, Integration of your shadow & dark side, moving from lies & disassociation to clarity, Dealing with the “shoulds” in life, Conscious Relating & Uncoupling, Exploring Sensuality & Pleasure, Embracing your feminine side, Making Body-Based Decisions, Freeing your embodied voice, From Victim to Self Mastery, Allowing chaos & messiness, Being enough & worthiness, Moving through resistance, Stress & Time Management, Integrating the good girl, Expressing grief & rage, Going beyond control, Super sensory living, Procrastination, Conscious Birth – Death & Rebirth, Wisdom Body, Embodied Orientation & Magnetism, Self-Love.

New to Embodied Dance?

Don’t worry if you feel shy, self-conscious, or want to turn the camera off during the dance part of a live event. That’s the advantage of Zoom compared to an in-person dance event, it allows you to ease into your dance experience by turning the camera off and turning it on again during the sharing part at the end.

Maybe you need a couple of times participation before you feel confident to keep the camera on. Some people also keep their camera off if they have an intimate or fun experience with themselves and don’t want to share it with other people.

Remember you are in charge of your experience. Take care of yourself and tune into your body to feel what’s right.

No prior dance experience is necessary.

Benefits of Embodied Dance

Deepen body awareness
Encourage individualistic self-expression
Deepen the connection with your authentic self
Dance as a form of self-care
Unite mind, feelings & body
Rediscover your passion for movement
Dance out of trauma into a new sense of ease and grace
Make the body a safe place again
Dance yourself into the present moment
Allow spontaneous creativity of the body
Increase your joy for life
Allow sensuality

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