Energy Management

90% of the thoughts in your mind are really not yours, consciously choose what’s yours. – Adamus St. Germain from Crimson Circle

More and more people become more sensitive and aware of their own energy & the energy of others. We are more connected than ever before through the Internet, Smartphones, Social Media and as a result are more bombarded with information.
You too might have the feeling you need to be constantly ‘switched on’ and at times feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of information coming at you everyday through various channels.

On top of online demands, there are demands from work, family and relationships to manage. It is important to realise what’s yours and what’s not to allow you to stay in your own balance and manage your own energy household.

What’s feeding off of you? Who or what is stealing your energy in daily life? What’s energetically draining you? And who might you be stealing energy from?

Humans love to blame others and they love to beat up themselves. People insist they are a victim of something or someone else. However once you become aware of the underlying dynamics of energy feeding and stealing, you will more consciously choose how to respond and engage with the people & demands around you. Going beyond stories and victim & abuse cycles.

The one who continues to think, blame like a victim will create like a victim, more crap and hardship. One who chooses to be free of things that are not theirs and lets go, comes into their own being. – Adamus St. Germain from Crimson Circle

Learn tools that allow you to come back to yourself, feed and replenish yourself from the inside instead of drawing energies from the outside. Become your own energy provider. In the past the perception was that energy was on the outside and that it was limited. Call in the energies that are already within you and go limitless.

Go beyond drama & blame
Take ownership & responsibility for yourself
Realise your own sovereignty
Release the past & future to come back to the now moment
Go beyond ancestral programming
Stay Clean, Clear and Aware by drawing energy from within
Enjoy a healthy creative energy exchange within yourself
Go beyond power by using ‘AND’ alchemy

There is nobody to blame, not mass consciousness, not your parents, not your past. – Adamus St. Germain from Crimson Circle 

Sexual, Psychic and Spiritual Abuse

Create a safe space beyond blockages and walls
Open up to all energies, dark & light
Let your issues come forward
Energies have to be honest and true
Bring compassion to old energies of abuse
Clearing yourself of abuse virus, will change your past & future
Re-balance of masculine (support) & feminine (creative) energies
Learn how to shift inter dimension-ally
Return to balanced sexuality
Be aware of Energy Leaks
Learn about how the Sexual Energy Virus causes a breakdown in system
Shape Shifting, presents itself as Hate, Anger, Sugar Coated Love
Twists & Distorts reality and feeds in the mind
Keeps you small, low state, dark & depressed

Upcoming  Energy Management Workshops
Leobersdorf, Austria (near Vienna Airport)

6-8 December 2019