Energy is on the inside, it is unlimited

In the past the perception was that energy was on the outside and that it was limited. Call in the energies that are already within you and go limitless. Find your own energy centre.

  • Go beyond drama and blame
  • Take ownership & responsibility for yourself
  • Realise your own sovereignty
  • Release the past & future to come back to the now moment
  • Go beyond ancestral programming
  • Stay clean, clear and aware by drawing energy from within
  • Go beyond power dynamics
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries, respect yourself and manage your own energy
  • Learn how to communicate and hear yourself and thus improve your communications with others

Enjoy a healthy creative energy exchange
with yourself and others.

Together we also look at sexual, psychic and spiritual abuse to become aware of additional dynamics that might be draining your energy.

Take a look at your own sexual relationships with other people. Is that experience that you’re having with them loving, is it joyful or can you feel the feeding going on? Do they accept you and love you for who you are?

What if you had a relationship, even if it’s only with yourself. That’s about love, honour and joy!

Together we will:

  • Create a safe space beyond blockages and walls
  • Open up to all energies, dark & light
  • Let your issues come forward
  • Energies have to be honest and true
  • Bring compassion to old energies of abuse
  • Clear yourself of abuse virus, which will change your past & future
  • Re-balance of masculine (support) & feminine (creative) energies
  • Learn how to shift interdimensionally
  • Return to balanced sexuality
  • Become aware of energy leaks
  • Create awareness around how the sexual energy virus causes a breakdown in the system and how this consciousness virus shape shifts, presents itself as hate, anger and sugar coated love, how it twists & distorts reality and feeds in the mind. How it keeps you small, in a low state, dark & depressed.
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