Time – Your Daily Currency

Think of time as your energy, as a your daily currency. How much time do you spend unconsciously on:

  • thoughts that aren’t yours
  • reminiscing, daydreaming, looping in your head
  • playing out victim and abuse patterns
  • are busy with other people’s dramas and stories
  • get drained by Social Media
  • get seduced by demands from family, friends and work
  • dream about doing something but not actually showing up for it
  • get caught up in relationship dramas
  • blaming others
  • say yes when you mean no
  • people please and sugar coat
  • respond to energies instead of consciously make a choice
  • spend on fear, doubt, anxiety, guilt
  • twist reality, make up stories and lie to yourself
  • spend time on feelings of guilt, shame and drama
  • not speak your truth, say what you truly feel and hold back, keeping energies not flowing out
  • suppressing and resisting yourself
  • get seduced by others and allowing others to manipulate you
  • look to other people for answers
  • compare yourself to others
  • spend time fighting yourself and others
  • get stuck in unhealthy patterns
  • get stuck in needy relationships
  • look to others for dependencies as a result of feeling incomplete yourself
  • getting caught up in conspiracies
  • compromising
  • doing the opposite of what you want
  • denying yourself pleasures like joy, love, laughter, sex
  • spending time on brooding and avoidance tactics
  • not being direct
  • give away money or your own sense of well-being to other people
  • allow others to take up your time
  • feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibility and care for others
  • creating no solutions for your problems
  • putting others down or insult them when they’re feeling vulnerable
  • allow people to dump their problems on you
  • allow people to play games with you or you play games with them
  • long terms illness or disease to get attention
  • guilt and poor me stories
  • time watching news, being fed with drama
  • attention seeking
  • creating co-dependencies
  • feeling the need to “heal others”, not trusting their own sovereignty
  • get angry at others or spend time on things that you can’t change
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