Epic Misfits

Why go through your self realisation journey on your own, when you can have a ‘stuffie’ (plush animal) on your side, as your guide, shedding some light. Epic Misfits is all about ‘Stuffed Wisdom’. It’s my partners Lloyd and mine creation where we share adventures, laughter and inspiration with you via ‘stuffed animals’.

Although please don’t refer to them as stuffed animals, they don’t like that term as they’re very much alive.

We want you to discover your inner misfit so you can walk tall and be proud to be who you really are. This journey is only just beginning and we really want you to come along for the ride. Our goal is to create books, stories and merchandise. In the meantime, while we tinker and play with our creation, you can find our Instagram feed below where you can meet some of our eclectic motley crew or visit us on our website epicmisfits.com

Go be the most epic misfit in town…