Game of Death Card Game

Have fun talking about death!
Discover more new things about yourself and your friends.
Remove your own fear of death.
Be more death prepared!

Imagine playing this party game with your friends or join one of the Zoom parties online where you can play the game with a bunch of strangers together.

How do you play?

There are +100 cards in the deck with a mix of multiple choice and open ended questions plus a tracker where you can keep track of your own answers as well as those with whom you are playing together.

Ages 13+
Players 2-10
Time 30-90 mins

What’s included:

+100 question cards (multiple choice and open-ended questions)
Instruction booklet (with sample scorecard)
Unlimited stories and laughs to share

The Conscious Death Design card game assures to give you a lively night with interesting conversations with friends or family.

Need to Print A Scorecard?
Download your free scorecard here soon.