Yes & No! The dance of integrity!

How many times have you said yes, when you meant no? Hearing your body yes and no is not always easy and to express it authentically, is a whole other challenge. To honour your body yes and no means to be in tune, to be self-disciplined without getting swayed by others. It requires practice. It requires scanning your body for your truth each time you make a decision. It’s having the ability to feel, hear, perceive and sense yourself.

So many people going through awakening & self-realisation are not yet sensitive to the body, to its subtle sensations. Most people have the volume of their body talk turned way down, are feeling numb and insensitive to the body’s signals. Especially if you have been a shape shifter to please other people’s expectations and desires. Often we make decisions based on somebody else’s desires and it becomes our modus operandi.

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