Integration Dance

Deepening body awareness
Encouraging individualistic self expression
Aspect Integration through dance
Deepening connection with self and others

Integration Dance is a Conscious Dance Practice allowing you to:

  • Consciously explore yourself through dance
  • Enjoy freedom of individual movement and play
  • Find your own movement and own breath of life
  • Everything is accepted into the dance
  • Access a deeper sense of yourself
  • Get out of the head and into the body and your intuition
  • Have space for yourself to feel everything that you need to feel
  • Move through anything that might have gotten stuck
  • Connect with other people through dance beyond social boundaries, meaning you can dance with someone and then disconnect and be by yourself without feeling guilty or being nice (applicable for in person dances, not online)
  • Dance out repetitive and boring dance moves and then surprise yourself by a sudden opening that shifts you into new expressions where something new comes out
  • Practice staying authentic to yourself and honour others when invited to dance with someone else, enjoy the expansion that comes from it and see what you discover with each person (applicable for in person dances, not online)
  • Dance to express yourself as a way of life

What if instead of expressing yourself through words all the time, you express yourself through dance.

What if you could weave an energetic tapestry through dancing. What if you could perfectly dance in harmony to the song of your soul and to the music that’s playing.

It’s about showing up being vulnerable, with our traumas, with our hurt aspects, with all of who we are at this point in time and integrating aspects while dancing. It’s about getting out of the mind and into the body and soul. It’s about creating your own flow of life.

Think of your dance as your unique expression of your soul, who you are in that moment in time.

I am currently creating a video integration dance course and will also put up Live Dance events soon.