Self Realisation

Life beyond Duality, the point of Self Realisation

When you see yourself for the first time with ‘real eyes’, no more lies, no more game playing, no more manipulations, no more being stuck in the matrix of the mind, the following starts to happen to your internal experience of life:

– you can explore any potential, dance in any direction without ever getting stuck in a potential, because there is no longer a thought form to get stuck in, there is nothing to see through anymore. Any previous attachments to a thought form get immediately flushed away by the presence of your pure consciousness. Think of it as an instant toilet flush that flushes down your previously held beliefs in an instant, all those thoughts that were previously so real, dissolve into thin air, all that’s left is the real you

– stuff falls away naturally and things come in naturally and very synchronistically, you get nuggets of knowing-ness and just follow through (it’s trust on the deepest level beyond any safety net)

– there are no longer hurt prevention methods at play because there is no identity to protect anymore

– connections with others are no longer a mirror therefore any conflict previously upheld by ego or a self image no longer exists, there is nothing anymore that stands between you and another person.

– lying is no longer possible because a lie means the upholding of an identity, from a self realised state there is nothing to uphold anymore. You tell it like it is

– you’re beyond fear and fight or flight because these states get only activated in duality consciousness

– you go beyond right or wrong, good and bad into a state of is-ness and fluid expression

– self denial, self harm and self judgement are replaced by pure consciousness and compassion, for the act of self denial is still an act of self referencing. There is only a fluid I anymore.

– there is no more need to control, because control would mean holding onto a form, thinking your well-being is dependent on that form and if the form changes you’re in trouble.

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