When your soul calls and your human finally answers – Dissolving the Disconnect

Often times we have dreams niggling away on a soul level but we don’t quite feel equipped/have clarity to deal with them on a human level to bring them into this physical reality. This has certainly been true for me and I’m sharing what has helped me to make the leap and dissolve the disconnect between the souls calling and the frozen human.

Btw I’m writing this blog as a reminder for myself just as much as I’m sharing my realisations with you. I’m by no means a super human that’s immune to getting lost and forgetting who they are temporarily. However I’m hoping by staying in the conversation with you and create awareness about some of the traps, we can all remember who we are more often. Stay who we truly are for longer periods of time and eventually close the gap between our true self and the self we’re currently portraying to the world. Finally stopping all the unnatural human filtering and we have more compassion for each other when we do get lost and help each other find home again.

The mind and its mental farts
It helps to have an understanding of how the mind works, so you don’t end up listening to all the thoughts in your head in the first place that reason you out of making your dreams happen. The mind is a tool that helps you store memory so you can navigate through life and don’t need to learn all the same stuff over and over again but it’s not the place to go to when you’re looking for solutions, creative problem solving and new ideas. Your mind has a tendency to ‘react’ vs ‘responding’ comes from your souls clarity, the first awareness you have before it goes through the human filtering. Now that awareness could be as simple as go and try out something new, it’s not giving you all the answers for the whole journey ahead. It’s more like hinting you in the right direction. So the way to get out of your thoughts is to create space (internal space) by being the observer of your thoughts, this creates a gap between you and your thoughts, where you can observe them but you don’t take them on and experience them as you.

Every time you listen and act on a mental thought, it’s as if you’re putting on a coat on top of who you are and then pretend you’re that extra layer of coating. It actually becomes quite hard to hear yourself underneath all that extra coating because it’s unnatural in the first place for it to be there. It was never meant to be there to coat and cloud your existence.

If you take on thoughts like I’m never good enough or I can’t possibly do that, it’s like killing off your ideas before they even had a chance to breathe and go through their natural birthing cycle because you’re constantly on ‘self destruction mode’. Did you know that 99% of thoughts are actually not yours. So in order to hear the 1% you really need to get good at sharpening your listening & presence skills so you can hear your own self.

It’s like living in aspect land (a land of unconscious roles that you play where you take on thoughts and believe they’re yours), listening to those identities which are made up thoughts, instead of listening to your signal from within that comes before any ‘made up thought’. Ultimately all those aspects that are on auto pilot and are currently running the show want to come home when you’re ready. However they can’t come home if you’re not there and nobody is occupying your home because you’re busy pretending, floating off in another dimension or busy following a mental programme. Someone’s got to drive the bus…you decide whether you’re driving the bus on auto pilot or you’re going to sit in the drivers seat of your life.

Showing up to yourself & stopping the self destructive cycles
You need to show up for your dreams and actually follow through. Like get up and apply yourself and birth the very thing you want into existence, knowing that everything is figure out able. When you show up and take the ‘now’ step, the ‘next’ step will reveal itself after the ‘now’ step has been taken. Like you don’t have to see the whole journey, just the first step is enough. If you don’t show up, it’s going to hurt only yourself and trust me you’ll get to continue to feel the inner nudges of your soul, where you know something is off, you’re just delaying the process by putting it off for another day.

Pretending, pushing our needs to the side, rocking on regardless are always an option however there comes a point where all those tactics stop working because your own awareness of all those patterns is too great to continue doing them. So what happens is they come to bite you in the ass!

Stop the game playing
You need to stop the game playing. If you’re still pretending, still playing games with yourself, still manipulating yourself, still not being honest with yourself, still thinking you need to be a different version of yourself, fix yourself, think the world out there needs to change first in order for you to take the leap, then it’s not going to happen. And there is no judgement in that if you do want to stay in the pattern, the soul is very compassionate and can wait forever however all those patterns and game playing is the very thing that keeps one stuck in a mental loop with no outward expression where dreams never make it into this reality, because of the belief that something ‘out there’ needs to change. We often get seduced by our outward projections and then belief they’re real and they then feel as if they’re ‘having us’, not realising that we created them in the first place.

So jump and make your dreams happen or don’t jump, it doesn’t matter on ‘one level, it does matter on another’ but the worst is the ‘in between state’ where if you don’t commit to either. This is when your mind is going to go crazy and give you living hell.

Imagine it like a feeling of one minute wanting to go for your dream and being ready to make the leap and the next minute going into hiding, staying put in your current situation. Experiencing a constant back and forth all the time, tying you up mentally until you make a decision one way or the other.

Ultimately your aspects/roles want to know who is in charge, otherwise THEY will take charge because nobody is at home to call the shots. The reason all this is highly unsettling to you the human is because it’s your soul calling wanting you to take charge and you’re not answering the call, so you’re experiencing internal turmoil. The opposite of living a life in harmony where you feel congruent with yourself.

Those dreams then stay ‘out there’, they’re always ‘out of reach’, never quite make it into this reality, like a dangling carrot that each time you grab, moves further away. Frustration kicks in, there’s an underlying feeling of something is off, you just know when you’re not quite in tune with your ‘own soul song’. The human self frozen, stuck focusing on all the worst possible outcomes if you did make those dreams come true, never actually being able to perceive the joy that gets to be experienced and never actually trusting and making ‘a move’ and just starting without knowing every twist and turn but trusting to just take the first leap.

Consider it like a ‘disconnect’ between your soul and the human. The connection cut off because your entire mental capacity is taken up with thoughts that aren’t even yours, part of mass consciousness, part of your ancestral lineage, they’re just mental programming and you’re tuned into that. No room for you! Like fur real! No capacity left to make anything juicy happen whether it’s a caravan holiday, a project you always wanted to do or simply the dream of just finally being yourself day in and day out regardless of what you’re doing and applying yourself to.

So nothing happens, we stay in our comfort zone and actually stop ‘developing’ as an adult. When I realised that we as humans actually ‘stop developing’ when in shock (which ultimately is separation between human and soul), it was a wake up call.

I don’t know about you but I don’t ever want to stop developing, this life is far too precious to just waste it on mental hamster wheels. You might have a lot of internal development in terms of conversations with yourself, things that you’re seeing and awareness’s that you’re having, however if there is no external expression happening in this reality to support all those internal realisations, then those realisations kind of go to waste. There’s a lot of knowing but no ‘doing’, so actually it’s not really a knowing that’s embodied and get to be lived and experienced, it’s a knowing that just stays in a conceptual space.

Every person is equipped with a capacity to hear and perceive themselves and then create their reality as a result of hearing and perceiving themselves. Look at children, there is no ‘human filtering’ happening. They don’t yet have layers of ‘should’s and programmes that tell them how they need to show up or otherwise trouble is around the corner. They don’t constantly measure and compare themselves against others. They don’t constantly ‘scheme’, ‘plan’ and ‘plot’ on who they need to be to stay safe or get through life. All these patterns and behaviours are unnatural coping mechanisms that we developed to get us through life to stay safe until we’re ready to let go of them.

So how to get out? How to make the leap back into you?

1) Look at all the ‘aspects’ of your life where you’re not being real with yourself and where you’re ‘faking’ it, not quite telling the truth of the situation to ‘yourself’.

If you can’t be real with yourself, you can’t be real with others who you are in relationship with. Look at your ‘protective armour’, all your overlays, your little extra ‘props’ but be gentle with yourself on what you discover. It’s things like wanting to be right all the time, not giving others space and always needing to be in charge, overstepping boundaries, not showing up, self destructive patterns. Just bring awareness to those patterns that no longer serve. Why do you feel you need all those tools? Is being righteous more important than actually being alive and enjoying a connection?

For example the other day I was observing myself clenching my body when I had a conversation with someone as I felt uncomfortable and I felt overly ‘nice’. There was nothing to do but I just observed it like an anthropologist would do when they discover new things. No need to judge but the sheer fact of bringing awareness to a situation has the power to dissolve it.

2) Take the first step in the right direction, only you know what that step involves, the step that has you more feeling like you and eliminates all the things that are no longer serving.

3) Learn how to listen. I only recently learnt that listening is not about listening to others from a point of agreeing or disagreeing or listening to be right or listening to get your opinion across but it’s listening to ‘understand’. Call it compassionate listening. This helps you practice to also listen to yourself and listen to your own signals so you can hear your own wisdom more of the time.

And finally…the most important of all, I’d like to create awareness of how ‘energy and consciousness work’ when in harmony allowing you to bring your creations forth. I’ll call it the point of where you become a Life Designer, where you’re in the driving seat of your own bus. Energy and consciousness flow together in harmony when you get ideas (hear your wisdom) and then act on them without the human filtering where your thoughts take over.

I’m just practising myself to get better at listening and closing the gap between hearing my soul wisdom and acting on it through the human without any delays. Think of it as learning a new language, you first listen to others who are fluid in that language, you then pick up some words and soon you can speak the language yourself. It’s just like that, the more you listen to your own soul self, the more you get to live in tune with it and it becomes your first language instead of your second.

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