Calibration Dance (1:1)

60.00 inc VAT



Explore the depth-first, direction-second model
Explore what is taking up your bandwidth, your energetic space.
Have you completed or grieved what needs to be let go first?
Check-in with your body if he/she is resourced to press go
Calibrating your feminine depth to move forward

How it works:
Get clear on the area you want to move forward in your life
Embody the area in your body & feel the sensations that come up
Feel where you currently are in relation to that area
Bridge from feeling disembodied to embodied orientation
Zoom out and reassess what is required to create success

Learn to reassess the productivity of your body
Work body honoring & in an embodied direction
Learn to communicate with your body & understand sensations
Move forward in alignment
Learn to balance masculine & feminine at work to avoid burnout