Embodied Dance (Group)

25.00 inc VAT



Choose a quality you want to embody through movement
What are you ready to cultivate more of in your life?
Dance it into reality & claim your body to call it into manifestation
Embody different energies during each dance session
Cultivate your full spectrum expression

How it works:
Call in an energy. More joy, abundance, stronger boundaries.
Move with that intention for a minimum of 10-15 mins
Challenge yourself & use up all the space
Use different movements to embody the energy
Include your whole body in the embodiment of that energy

Creation – Embodiment – Release = Living a synchronistic life
Embodying more of you is one of the greatest gifts of all
When the old is released, the energy comes back to serve you anew
Embody different qualities & energies, get creative
Manifest your hearts desires through dance