Embodiment Coaching

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Hello beautiful soul going through awakening, self realization & embodiment!

If you like to have some personal 1:1 support on your journey going from awakening into self realization & embodiment, then feel free to reach out and book a 1:1 session with me. I am an Energy Awareness Guide, New Energy Psychologist as well as Conscious Death Design Guide.

The path from awakening into self-realization can be a quite chaotic ride as you are changing over energies from being “external” to be “internal”, to become the Creator of your own life rather than the “Responder”. Being “connected” rather than being on “autopilot”.

During that process, one goes through a lot of challenging energies, letting go of mass consciousness, ancestral patterns, time and space…to come back to self, to who you are before you started adding all these overlays. All of those changes take a toll on the mind and the body and can get people to spiral into dark nights of the soul.

I loved having support on my journey from like-minded people who were going through the same process. It helps to have people around you that tell you that you’re not going crazy and that everything that you are going through is “normal”. It also helps to have someone there that helps you stay “grounded” as it is so easy to “pop-off” into other dimensions and get lost in the mind or the spirit world, losing your connection to the body and this earthly plane of existence.

It can be confusing to know “who you are” as you’re letting go of old identities, patterns, allowing old stories and aspects to integrate. Identities that you thought you are, keep falling away and new “temporary” ones get created. There is more an identity fluidity that happens as you make decisions based on the now moment, rather than based on a facade that you feel you need to portray to the outside world. You are starting to go beyond the mind’s limitations into “new”. And you are starting to learn to become “all that you are”, rather than suppress parts of yourself or split yourself off into parts and pieces to please something on the outside.

One of the most challenging parts of the journey for me was letting go of people-pleasing roles to find back to my own self, learning to love myself. I was so used to pleasing the “external world”, being a servant to everyone, taking responsibility for everyone, that I had to learn to allow the energy to “serve me” instead. To take my responsibility back again. Commanding energies rather than responding to them. I was also letting go of my human passions to step into my divine passions. In that process I had to come off the “hamster wheel” of the mind, to actually start tapping into my passion and have the confidence to also pursue my dreams…not just keep dangling them like a carrot in front of me.

One of the biggest challenges for me was to learn about “discernment”, what is my energy and what are other people’s energies. Being energy sensitive, my whole energy house was being messed up by people’s energies starting to work on me. The challenge was to stay in my perspective whilst also allowing other people’s perspectives without the need to agree or change them. Allowing the AND consciousness. Also to understand what it meant that “all the energy is mine” and that “all perceptions are mine”. It was highly confusing to integrate that piece of knowledge. To own my reality. To realise that everybody has their own movie going on inside their head, everyone has a projector and is projecting out all the time. People are inviting you to their game and are constantly asking you whether you want to play in their game.

If you like some support, I can offer you a compassionate space where you can share with me what you are going through.
I can be a mirror but I can also give you helpful pointers from my journey….or simply tell you that you are not going crazy.

I can also help you find your own “Song of the Soul” again and support you in tapping more into your creative intelligence and your own flow.