Embodiment of Self-Love – Online Class (2hrs 55 mins)

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“Start with being kind to yourself”

Very few humans know what it’s like to love themselves. They tolerate themselves. They have an awkward relationship with themselves, and they’re still looking for love and still creating love with other people. This planet has created love, shared love and been in love. What happens next on this planet, that’s never been done anywhere else in all of creation, is for the very beings who came here to start loving themselves. It’s the next frontier. It’s the next evolution. It’s the next spiral.

When a person absolutely loves themselves and has full compassion for themselves, there’s a very beautiful side benefit. Suddenly, they love everybody else. Suddenly, they have compassion for everybody else. Suddenly, they understand everyone else’s journey. Suddenly, they’re not trying to push everybody else, they’re going there first and becoming the Standard.

Let yourself be so into you, so wildly and madly in love with yourself – that’s what changes this planet.

Class Overview:

  • Guided Breathing to the topic self love
  • Gentle Self Love & Touch Exercise
  • 30 mins of Embodied Dancing
  • Sound Bath to integrate the energies
    Sharing with Lana & Dani around the topic of self-love:

  • Being self motivated vs. others motivated
  • Away from self-abuse towards self-love
  • The Spiritual Social Worker / The Helper Syndrome
  • Embody self love in a relationship, at work and with your children
  • Beyond guilt, suffering, victim energy, compromise & self sacrifice
  • Beyond pleasing, from servitude to being in service
  • Coming home to the body, to integrate with your energy
  • Guided Journey into Self-Love
    Total Class Duration: 2 hrs 55 mins

    About Lana:
    I have been working as a body-oriented psychotherapist in different countries for many years now. In my work, apart from talking, I focus on the body, and experience inside of it. Our body wants to find a way back to the flow of life and connects us to what is real, sincere, and unbroken inside of us. The essence of my professional calling is correlated to my personal story.

    Somewhere in my early twenties, I have gone through my awakening. I became aware of the difference between my inner world and the world I was physically living in. I then started my spiritual journey and became a devoted seeker. I have come across some beautiful channeled teachings in my eagerness to learn and to reach my point of realization.

    But little did I know at the time that a search for the self is not in a temple or with a guru, it is inside of us. That knowingness has led me to therapy. I could no longer ignore all of the neglected parts inside of me wanting to be seen and acknowledged.

    I have spent a decade working on my masks, personality patterns, and my shadow self. That journey helped me to take responsibility and embody all of the beauty at the core of my being which is me. I realized that life is happening in the now and no experience can be reached outside our only home- our body.

    I am now in service to support anyone who needs support in finding and embodying their deepest longings and desires. For me, that is the true love I want to share while here on this beautiful earth.

    You can find out more information about Lana here:

    PS: Lana mentions the words “micro”, “medio” and “macro” in the recording. For those that don´t understand these terms, we have put an explanation below:

    Micro = space of my physical experience (body)
    Medio = space of my human experience (my community, friends, work, my everyday life)
    Macro = my soul experience (my overall consciousness, universe, higher self)