Grief Dance (Group)

25.00 inc VAT



Move your sadness, powerlessness, anger, pain, and also your joy
Mourning is colourful & expressed in different ways on different days
True grief has an element of joy — if you allow all the love & pain
Be in a safe space where you have room for your grief
Authentic movement to music with sound journey & sharing

How it works:
40 mins of authentic movement & dance to music
10 mins for integration & 10 mins for sharing at the end
Allow the body to move through different stuck energies in the body
Move from being disassociated & feeling overwhelmed into flow
Slow down to honor all the sensations & feelings in the body

Use grief dance as a form of self-care
Use grief dance as a new avenue for self-expression
Mindful and nonjudgmental exploration of your grief
Express yourself through dance in a way that words cannot
Reinhabit your body after trauma & loss. Relieve anxiety & stress.