Grief Dance Session




Dancing makes us feel free and relieved of our everyday stresses. Same goes for when you’re grieving. Even though it’s the last thing you want to do, consider dancing to improve your body and mind and give your emotions freedom to exist. Dance out the grief and relationship you had with a lost partner, family member or a friend to help you process the emotions and transform your own connection. Accepting yourself and your grieving process allows you to feel more in charge of your actions by giving them freedom to breathe and exist.

Your own authentic dance allows space for unconscious feelings in the body to arise. Cultivating the relationship between your body and your psyche, can help you navigate the full potential of your being. It helps give you access to the body, emotion, imagery and your inner life.

Dance allows you to tune into your body and into what’s happening inside the body, allowing stuff to arise without agenda or plan. When the dance is finished, you can go and draw spontaneously, like an essence drawing or write, to give more form to what was invisible in the body. This way you can see it and give more consciousness to it. I can offer back reflection if requested without interpretation, judgment or projection, holding a safe space.

Book this private Zoom session for your very own Grief dance session.

I will carefully prepare a playlist to dance to with gentle music.
Bring along drawing pen and paper.