Private Ecstatic Dance Session via Zoom (1 hour)




What would it be like to start or end your day with dance?

We start with gentle and compassionate breathing, followed by sensual free flow dancing where I am guiding you through 6 waves from arrival, build up, chaos, cruise, nostalgy, integration & stillness. Creating a dance journey across different genres from Base, House, Tribal, Funk, World Music and Instrumental.

Enter or finish the everyday dance being connected to yourself. Embodiment happens when we take our body along with us for the ride. Feeling and being sensual with our bodies.

Simple and profound. Show up & Dance!

The Zoom link will be shared with you upfront and I will follow up with the links to the playlist and the sound bath after our session. I will stream the playlist through Zoom, however should there be any technical issues on the day, we can also hit the play button on the playlist via Soundcloud at the same time and mute ourselves via Zoom during the dancing part.

We unmute ourselves after the dancing for the sharing part to tune into how you feel. I offer a safe space for you to share what’s alive within you. We have a short break before hand so you can grab a coffee or tea, or a refreshment after the dance before we start sharing.

Each time there will be a different theme to dance to. You are invited to set an intention of what energies you like to evoke or integrate into the dance.

5 mins of breathing
40 mins of Ecstatic dancing
10 mins Sound Bath
5 mins Sharing

All you need for the class is:
Turn your own living room into an online dancefloor
Have a drink ready to keep yourself refreshed
Put away distractions like mobile phones & partners
Shoes off during the dancing, dance barefoot on the floor
Create a nice ambience for yourself i.e., flowers, candles, sage the room
Have a yoga mat ready which you can lie on during the Sound Bath

Zoom Link:

Registration & Payment:
Check out via Basket using Stripe, Paypal or G-Pay
Price: GBP 44 / Euro 50 / USD 60

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Invite a friend:
Download this Ecstatic Dance Info PDF to pass along to a friend and get them to enjoy a Private Ecstatic Dance Session or Ecstatic Dance Event too! Ecstatic Dance PDF

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