Sensual Dance Journey – Special – Guided Free Flow Dancing (210 mins)

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Hello passionate dancers & those of you with dance loving friends!

I’ve put together a few dance goodies of mine and created a sensual & beautiful dance package for you and your loved ones to enjoy. This 3 hour plus dance journey will have any passionate dancer “free flow dancing”. It is the perfect gift for anyone that loves dancing as a form of self- love & self-care and to allow more sensuality into their life. No prior dance experience is needed.

If you’re anything like me, than you too are someone (or know someone) that loves to exercise in a way that is fun and brings joy to your body, exercise that allows you to love your body in a sensual way rather than in a hard or strenuous way. You might even be someone that likes to enjoy dancing from the comfort of your own home and express yourself freely without having to squeeze yourself into a choreography or travel long distances for a dance class. You are someone that loves moving your body freely to music and to the song of your own soul.

Have this dance retreat come to you.

You don’t need to know how to dance to feel the magic of movement.

You don’t need to leave your living room, to transform your internal world and release stuck energies & emotions.

Let go of your thoughts & trust your body with this sensual dance journey coming right at your doorstep!

Dance off any extra weight gained by grooving along in your own flow to the music playing in the videos. I promise you it won’t feel like hard work and as a nice side effect, you will strengthen the connection with your inner self.

This Sensual Dance Package consists of a 205 mins dance journey containing following individual dance journeys:

Pre Drop In Session (15 mins) Click here for the trailer
Any good dance journey into yourself, starts out with a little warm up, allowing you to bring your focus from the “external world” into your “internal world” to have you fully embodied during your dancing. A lot of spiritual people don’t inhabit their bodies, they live with their consciousness outside of their body. My invitation to you is to take the body along for the ride and start communing with your body. Let each expression of your body, be a form of communication, a piece of art by you. Allow your expressions to flow through your body without you having to force them. Then be surprised at your own song of the soul that wants to move through you. Dancing is about feeling yourself.

Emotional Release Dance (15 mins) Click here for the trailer
Anytime you feel stuck energy in your body, put on this playlist and shake your body freely and wildly, allowing energies to free flow again. Use dance as a catalyst to get you out of the head and into your own authentic self. Feel free to scream, shout, howl, sing and move wildly to the music playing as you let your own energies flow through.

Blindfolded Sensual Dance Journey (50 mins) Click here for the trailer
Surrender to your inner sight. Wearing blindfolds allows dancers to drop the fear and self-judgment that often inhibits spontaneous movement and authentic connection to self. They can help release self-consciousness and foster body awareness, going beyond the mind. Putting on an eye mask allows you to go deeper on an inner journey into the oneness of you. Without having any external distractions, you can allow the free flow of your body without any guilt and shame.

Special Note: Make sure you are in a safe space for this exercise to not bump against any sharp objects. Blindfolds/Eye Masks can easily be purchased from your local beautician/pharmacist.

Allowing Sensuality Dance (30 mins) Click here for the trailer
Sensuality is about an opening, having awareness at every level ie body, mind & spirit. It’s about real communication with self and an opening on a multi dimensional level. It’s self love at its most finest. It is realising your natural state of being. Being a limited human is unnatural. Sensuality is about giving yourself something that you deserve, not confining or limiting it. Not restricting or judging. It is judgment, fear & panic free living.

It is about you communicating with you, without words, not from the head, but from you to you. That’s sensual.

The human sometimes still likes to put up barriers or carries facades/belief systems around with them (what is the right or wrong thing to do), where as on a soul level those are no longer needed, the protection is no longer needed because there is enough soul wisdom present that it doesn’t need to go through all the “human” filters.

When was the last time when you had a deep release of the spirit and felt an opening on a physical, spiritual & mental level? When did you last feel your spiritual body of consciousness being free and full of joy? When did you last feel big sensual waves of knowingness?

Allow your free energy body to be with you during the dance. Allow yourself to feel joy and an openness. Love yourself through the dance. Open up to all of who you are, body, mind and soul.

Dance with the Senses (30 mins) Click here for the trailer
Did you know there are more than just 5 human senses? As angelic beings we have more than 2000 senses. From the sense of truth, sense of self, sense of love, sense of beauty, sense of focus, sense of trust…etc. Senses are a way of perceiving reality. We are not always aware of those senses when we are focused on 3D living. In this dance I have chosen 6 different senses to focus on during the dance to bring more awareness into your body about these different senses.

  • Sense of Love:
    Feel how it feels like in your body when you are in love with your life.

  • Sense of Harmony:
    Feel how it feels when you are in harmony with your own life. Not with everybody else’s flow, but in harmony with your own flow. When you are in harmony with your own flow, you are also automatically in harmony with the world even though it might look chaotic on the surface.

  • Sense of Authenticity:
    Feel how it feels when you are really authentic with yourself and the people around you. Feel how it feels in your body, the sense of authenticity. Being able to express your thoughts and feelings freely.

  • Sense of Joy:
    Feel the joy of your “I exist”, that pure consciousness of your soul that doesn’t judge any of your experiences.

  • Sense of Calm:
    Call on the sense of calm anytime you are under stress. Take that moment of calm in the middle of the day, by simply calling on it. Feel how it feels to be calm during the dance.

  • Sense of Freedom:
    This is you beyond any acting roles, beyond any control. Feel that sense of freedom in your dance.
    Get sensual & enjoy your dance of the senses.
    The Yes & No Dance (30 mins) Click here for the trailer
    How many times have you said yes, when you meant no? Hearing your body yes and no is not always easy and to express it authentically, is a whole other challenge. To honour your body yes and no means to be in tune, to be self-disciplined without getting swayed by others. It requires practice. It requires scanning your body for your truth each time you make a decision. It’s having the ability to feel, hear, perceive and sense yourself.

    So many people going through awakening & self-realisation are not yet sensitive to the body, to its subtle sensations. Most people have the volume of their body talk turned way down, are feeling numb and insensitive to the body’s signals. Especially if you have been a shape shifter to please other people’s expectations and desires. Often we make decisions based on somebody else’s desires and it becomes our modus operandi.

    Use dance to hear your own body yes and no! Feel how it feels in your body when you are a yes to something and a no. Learn to feel the different sensations.

    Dance into your New Life (30mins) Click here for the trailer
    During self realisation there comes a point where you step into your new life. The new life that is free from all the old identities, wounds, protective aspects, facades and the all so familiar suffering. They are no longer needed. It’s about conscious creation & instantaneous wisdom in the moment. You go into the I exist, beyond controlling the world around you. The human will start to relax and not create yet another identity. You no longer need to worry or push a human agenda. In the new life the experiences are rich, beautiful, joyful, sensual & fulfilling.

    Join me on a 30 mins dance journey into your new life!