Sensual Morning Dance Class via Zoom (1 hour)




What would it be like to start your day with dance?

Morning Sensual Dance is a unique way to meet and welcome the day. We start with gentle and compassionate breathing, followed by an hour of sensual dancing where I am guiding you through 6 waves from arrival, build up, chaos, cruise, nostalgy, integration & stillness. Creating a dance journey across different genres from Base, House, Tribal, Funk and Instrumental.

Enter the everyday dance being connected to yourself.

Simple and profound. Wake up! Show up! Dance!

The 60 mins playlist will be shared with the attendee upfront.

We will mute ourselves via Zoom and hit the play button at the same time after some initial breathing to get us connected.

Should you need to unmute yourself during the dance, feel free to do so, otherwise there will be an optional sharing at the end of the session.

The sessions will take place via Zoom and the Zoom link will be sent prior to the dance session starting.