Weekly Group Ecstatic Dance Event Thu 6.30 PM CET

15.00 inc VAT



General Info:
Each week our community will gather online to dance together and shift energies to a carefully crafted playlist
Each Thursday 6.30 pm and each Friday from 4-6pm CET
We will dance to a specific theme for integration
Music streamed by DJ Foxy (me) taking you through 6 dance waves
Dress Up Theme: Comfortable
Dance extras like Hula Hoops & Ribbons allowed on the online dancefloor!
Optional Sharing at the end
Turn your home into an online dancefloor

Welcome into the space
5 mins of breathing & shaking
40 mins of Ecstatic dancing
15 mins of Sound Journey
Sharing Circle

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6456156585

Registration & Payment:
Check out via Basket (using Stripe, Paypal or G-Pay)
(Paypal comes up as an option during check out once you click on Add Basket)
Ecstatic Dance Disco Entry: Euro 15 / USD 19/ GBP 13
Your payment counts as registration!

Learn more about Ecstatic Dancing here:
What is Ecstatic Dancing?
The 6 Waves of Ecstatic Dancing
Guidelines for Ecstatic Dancing to create a safe container
Breathing, Warm Up & Cool Down – Ecstatic Dance Session
Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Invite a friend:
Download this Ecstatic Dance Info PDF to pass along to a friend and get them to the Ecstatic Dance Event too!
For each friend that you bring along, you get 5 Euros off! Bring 3 new friends and your dancing spot is free! Please let me know what friends were invited by you to get the discount.
Ecstatic Dance PDF

Check out each months event details & updates on the “I am Dancing Facebook Group”