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My passion is to be a Death Educator & Death Transition Guide. I am a guide for family, friends and anyone who would like professional assistance during their death journey or would like to learn more about death & dying. I hope my sharings might inspire you to look at death differently.

A few years ago I certified as Death Transition Guide with the Crimson Circle, passing on a beautiful process that has been forgotten about by many. I facilitated seminars around the subject in Austria, UK & Scotland and I used this process with my mum during her own death journey. My aim is to support the birth of a new way of dying that gives people the choice to design their own death journey when the time has come and removes the fear and heaviness of dying, making death a celebration & a conversation.

Death is not the end.
It is simply a transition!

I like to provide you with wisdom and tools so you are equipped to handle the death journey in a more conscious way. Become an active participant in the process, rather than regret having felt paralysed throughout your own or somebody else’s death journey.

Let’s put a different spin on death &
celebrate the end of a life cycle together.

I am a guide who helps you overcome

You like to:

  • consciously explore the subject of death to bring more awareness to the different stages of the death journey from pre death, death itself to after death and get more clarity around the reincarnation cycle.
  • explore new traditions of celebrating death where the person dying can actually take part in what is called a “Celebration of Life” party to honor the person dying and give them a beautiful send off, instead of the traditional after death parties.
  • educate yourself about different choices on what to do with the physical body after death, honoring the person’s individual choice and the environment.
  • understand the administrative responsibilities when someone dies.
  • learn to create an open dialog around death & dying within your family, friends or colleagues at work.
  • feel empowered about the death process and make conscious choices, design your own death journey or be an active participant in someone else’s death journey.
  • learn new tools that allow you to personalise this journey from designing memorial cards, family merchandise, picture books for the leaving party, all the way to personalising your urn.
  • learn how to rebirth yourself whilst still alive.

Learn how to go beyond the old way of dying. Imagine how much more you can enjoy your life if you are able to totally let go of that fear of death.

I am a guide who listens
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A comprehensive modern day guide to all you need to know around
death and end of life care.

The guide includes:

  • Redefining death
  • Stages of dying
  • Responsibilities when a loved one dies
  • The Death Conversation
  • “Celebration of Life Party” – Time to honour and celebrate!
  • Dealing with emotions and loss
  • Honouring the departed online via Zoom
  • A new way of dealing with the body
  • Writing, Singing, Dancing, Bake a cake, Buy a souvenir, Remember me cards, create a picture book…make it special!
  • Dying & Rebirthing whilst still alive
  • FAQ’s, Help & Support & Staying in the Conversation

The guide is appropriate for:

  • Anyone who interested in learning more about the death transition process
  • Everyone who faced the issue of death or mourning topics
  • Those who suffer from a deadly disease
  • Those who have relatives who recently passed away
  • Those who have fear of death or for whom death is a difficult topic to talk about
  • Those who are afraid of the dark
  • Hospice facilitators, health professionals and anyone working in the funeral industry

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The “cost” of this book is GBP 7.95 and you get it instantly as a download.
As soon as you place your order, you’ll get an automated email with a link to download the book. You can access it anywhere, immediately, without having to wait for the mailman.


I’ve included an extra Death Design Checklist when you buy the Digital book as bonus. The checklist helps you get clear on your own personal death journey when your time has come. Allowing you to write down your preferences on what you would like to do with your body upon death, how you would like to create your own Celebration of Life party, what you would like to have happen to your belongings, with whom you would like to spend your last moments with, and many other questions that will help you provide clarity on your final steps. You can share the checklist with your loved ones so they are in the know when your time has come.


  • What happens during death?
  • How to help someone transition?
  • What to do with the body when someone dies?
  • Is cremation better than regular burial?
  • Get inspirations, help and tools for End of Life Celebrations.
  • What happens after death and is there a life after death?

These 1 hour sessions take place via Zoom. I will ask you to send me in your questions via e-mail before hand and I will respond to them during our call to ensure you get the maximum out of our time together.

These 1 hour sessions are priced at 84 GBP and are tailor made to your questions. It might involve me asking you more questions via e-mail prior to our chat to ensure I have all the information to answer you in a focused manner.

Ask Me Anything About Death Session

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Nobody wants to die alone!

Having a death transition guide is a way of honoring death as a sacred journey for the individual, and ultimately the family and community as a whole. I’m a guide who helps clients release their physical body to return to the near earth realms or to the many new earths. Someone who provides a secure connection in an often unknown world.

We live in a society which rarely acknowledges Death as a part of Life. In ancient cultures people known as “Dreamwalkers” or Death Transition Guides supported others through the transformative experience of death by accompanying the departing souls into the realms beyond the human experience.

A Death Transition guides knows how to expand their own consciousness multi dimensionally whilst keeping the connection to their own body in this reality and connecting with the clients consciousness.

The Death Transitioning Sessions involve:

  • Consultations pre death
  • Guided journeying from the non physical to the near earth realms
  • Drawings from the journeying to give to family

A Death Transition Guide connects with the person departing 1 hour a day starting from the time of death and it can usually take anything from a 1 week to 3 weeks for the person to transition over. I charge GBP 150 per hour/day. I will end the transition journey in case the departed takes longer than 3 weeks time. This usually happens if the departed chooses to disconnect and wanders off.

I will provide a 1 hour free telephone conversation so you can get to know me and find out whether I am right for you. After that I will start charging GBP 150 per hour.

Death Transition Guide Package can range from GBP 1050 to GBP 3150 depending how much time is required of me. This will become clear after our initial consultation to understand your needs and my involvement. I will ask you to prepay for the first week and will ask you to make daily payments for Week 2 & Week 3.

A Death Transition Guide usually makes a commitment to the client to eat no meat, drink no alcohol, take no drugs, have no sex during the time of helping the client transition to ensure the energy is clear and pure as they venture out into the multi dimensional realms.

Please sign the following agreement to confirm that you are happy to contract Daniela as Death Transition Guide

Please pay me below:


The time in between someone dying and the funeral can be quite a stressful and emotional time. You might want to spend as much time as you can with the person departing. I provide additional Zoom support to family to help deal with the loss on an emotional level, provide inspiration for the Celebration of Life party (in case the client is still alive) or in the case the client is dead for the Honoring the Deceased Party and  I provide ideas on what to do with the body.

Please note that I may not be aware of your countries legislations around how to compost of the body, however I can support in making recommendations or doing research ie connect with local funeral companies in your country.

I can also help with any design work if needed ie creating custom merchandise for the Celebration of Life or Honoring the Deceased party.

I will charge GBP 84 per hour for additional administrative or emotional support. This will be charged outside of the above agreed Death Transition Guide package and is billed to you additionally.

Creative, Administrative, Emotional Support

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